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Amplify your game and group chat experience with Voicemod's real-time voice changer and soundboard! Our software works with all your favorite games and programs to level up your online experience with your squad anytime, anywhere.

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Voice changer for Zoom, Google Hangouts, Duo & Houseparty

Come gamers, come streamers, come creators, come all! Discover the leading real-time voice changer and soundboard. Change your voice with our 90+ unique voice filters and shake up your chats with thousands of different sound effects for some meme-worthy moments. And don't forget to assign keybinds for quick and easy access to your favorite effects on the fly.

Dive into your character in your next RPG session, take your audience engagement to new heights during live streams, or just mess around with your squad. The choice is yours, and the opportunities are endless!

How to use Voicemod Voice Changer on Zoom, Google Hangouts & Houseparty

Voicemod Dashboard

Follow these simple steps to get started with Voicemod:

  1. Download Voicemod and configure it correctly on your PC by selecting your main microphone as the input device.
  2. Make sure that the “Voice Changer” toggle at the bottom of the window is turned on.
  3. Go to the Voicebox feature to browse our different voice filters, choose your favorites, and assign them keybinds to enjoy quick and easy access.
  4. Browse the library of voice effects, choose your favorites, and assign them to keybinds if you wish.
  5. Use the ‘‘Hear Myself” toggle at the bottom of the window to hear your new voice and the “Background Effects” toggle to turn the effects on or off.
  6. Make sure that you choose “Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device)” as your input device in the application you want to use Voicemod with.

You're good to go! Your new voice should now be coming through your mic on your favorite platforms and games.

Learn more about how to change your voice on our blog.

Voicemod library

Play around with
90+ voice filters

"The limit does not exist!!" From Chipmunk to Baby to Ghost to Crazy Clown, Voicemod has a voice for every moment. Be the class clown, get a little freaky, try a gender swap! The choice is yours.

And let's not forget the keybinds, which give you easy access to all your favorite voices and sounds during your gameplay. Link them to Elgato Stream Deck for a whole new level of simplicity, perfect for all you content creators out there.

Listen to some samples here

Customize Voicemod

Get creative,
get customizing

Experience our real-time voice changer on your terms. Many of our voices come with cool background effects that can be toggled on and off whenever you want. Play around with the sliders to change the intensity of these effects. You can even change the volume, mix, and intelligibility of your chosen voice.

Want to take it one step further? Check out our Voicelab to try cooking up a voice of your own.

Learn more about Voicelab here

Frequently asked

Are voice changers illegal?

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Audio processors that modify the tone and format of voice using effects are totally legal and can generally be used everywhere. However, making use of a voice changer to commit crimes or engage in other harmful behavior is NOT legal. Examples of this would be using a voice changer to scare or bully someone on social networks, or threatening someone on a phone call.

That being said, in most normal use cases (i.e. having fun), voice changers are harmless and within legal grounds. If you become aware of someone misusing voice-changing software for the purpose of committing a crime or inflicting harm upon others, you should notify the relevant parties or authorities immediately to remedy the problem.

Can voice changers be reversed?

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It can be difficult to reverse the effect that a voice changer has applied to a voice. One possible solution is to cancel part of the audio processing to be able to clearly identify the audio that has been modified. To do this, it's necessary to identify what type of sound effect has been applied to an audio sample in order to counteract it using VST plugins or processors in an audio editor. For example, in the case of an audio sample featuring a voice with a very low pitch, you can reverse part of the effect by raising the pitch and applying an EQ within high frequencies, thereby reversing part of the voice changer's effect.

How do voice changers work?

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Voice changers work as voice modulators, voice pitch analyzers and correctors, and noise cancellers, among others. With a voice generator like Voicemod, you can alter your voice pitch, distortion, and many other characteristics of your voice. You can also add delay, reverb, and other effects to your natural voice. The way Voicemod works is in real-time, so once you adjust the different elements, you just need to speak and your new voice should be coming out in full force.  Check out an example of how to use Voicemod to replicate a voice in our article, "How to Sound Like the Front Man From Squid Game."

How to use Voicemod with other games & apps

Check out these tutorials to help you integrate Voicemod with your favorite programs.

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