Roblox Voice Changer & Soundboard

A different voice for every game!


Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)

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Download Voicemod on your PC

Voicemod is a free-to-play program designed for Windows. Leave us your email address and we will send Voicemod to your mailbox.

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Voicemod is a free-to-play program designed for Windows. Leave us your email address and we will send Voicemod to your mailbox.

In Roblox you can not only create your virtual worlds and custom games, but now thanks to Voicemod you can generate a unique audio experience for each game. Use the voice changer to give more customization to your characters and the Soundboard to generate your own Soundscapes. You don’t have to die to say Oof!


Only 5 simple steps:

  1. Download, install and configure Voicemod Voice Changer on your PC.
  2. Login and select your favorite voices and sounds.
  3. Whatever communication channel you will use to communicate with your fellow players, select the Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM) as microphone input. Now everyone can hear you.
  4. Enter the Roblox server and get ready to have some fun with the voice changer and the soundboard
  5. Oof!
How to use voice changer on roblox

Voicemod and Roblox: A voice changer for every game

The greatest virtue of Roblox is that from the same environment it allows you to enjoy hundreds of unique universes and different games. No game is identical to the previous one. Now, if you use a voice communication channel to communicate with your friends, you can have a different sound identity for each game, each universe or each game. Select from over 90 pre-defined voices in Vociemod or generate your own using the Voicelab. Add musical effects for parties, monster voices for adventures or change the voice tone for fun conversations

The perfect companion for Roblox: Voicemod Soundboard

Music, funny sound effects, Oof! effects, atmospheres… Any Wav or MP3 file hosted on your PC can now be played in Roblox and heard by any participant in the game. The number of possibilities is unlimited.

Generate your own Soundboard profiles or use those generated by Voicemod and generate a Soundscape for each game. Assign keyboard shortcuts to play the sounds and surprise everyone in the voice chat.

How to use Voicemod with other games & apps

We have prepared some tutorials to help you configure Voicemod with your favorite programs.