Rec Room Voice Changer and Soundboard

A sonic identity as unique as your avatar.


Windows 10/11 (64-bit)

Download Voicemod for Desktop

Voicemod is a free real-time voice changer and soundboard available on both Windows and macOS. Give us your email to get Voicemod in your mailbox.

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Whether you’re chatting, gaming, or creating your own experiences, Rec Room is better with Voicemod. Use our voice changer to carve out your identity, and fire off perfectly-timed sound memes whatever game mode you’re playing.

It is awesome if you have a VR set like Meta Quest ( previously Oculus Quest), Valve Index or a HP Reverb G2; if not, don’t worry, you can enjoy it with a regular PC.

How to set up Voicemod in Rec Room

Follow the steps below to set up the voice changer and soundboard in Rec Room:

  1. Download and install the free Voicemod app, and follow the instructions to set up a ‘virtual microphone’
  2. Make sure your Voicemod virtual microphone is set as ‘default recording device’ in Windows
  3. Open up the Voicemod app, then start Rec Room. That’s it—you’re ready to rock!

Lag-free real-time voice changing in Rec Room!

Looking to make yourself sound big and scary? Smol and cute? A kawaii anime girl, or a giant robot from the future?

Voicemod includes hundreds of great-sounding voice changers. You’re not just limited to sounding higher or lower—however you want to sound, there’s a voice changer for you. And if there isn’t, you can use Voicelab to make your own. It’s quick and easy, and the possibilities are limitless!


RecRoom voice changer
Rec Room soundboard

Best real-time soundboard for Rec Room!

It’s not just voice changers. Sometimes, it’s just the right time to fire off a sound meme in chat. Friend tripped over the cable on his headset? Time for a sad trombone. After a spooky atmosphere in your room? Make sure anyone who visits can hear your scary songs. 

We have hundreds of thousands of sounds, fun pranks, memes and jokes for you to try. And if we don’t have the sound you’re looking for, you can upload your own in a jiffy.

Endless customization. Just like your avatar!


Playing in Rec Room

What do you want to do? Whatever it is—wherever your imagination takes you—Rec Room is the place to be for VR and non-VR users.


  • Paintball, paddleball, disc golf… if you’re an old-school Rec Room player, you’ve probably got a lot of hours in these!
  • User-generated rooms: these can get a little crazy, but it’s always fun to see what other players have built!
  • The Maker Pen: build, sculpt and paint your own artistic creations—they might even end up in the Gallery.
  • Learn, code and create with Circuits, Rec Room’s special programming language.


Of course, the best times in Rec Room are the times you spend with friends, whatever you’re doing. 

No VR? No problem!

Rec Room is great in VR, but it’s just as great without—and even better with Voicemod. Here’s how to use our voice changers and soundboards while playing Rec Room on an ordinary PC monitor:

  1. Open the Windows Volume Mixer—it’s a little speaker icon in the bottom-right. Set your input device to ‘Voicemod Virtual Audio device’.
  2. Set the Rec Room input device to ‘Voicemod Virtual Audio device’ too.
  3. In Rec Room’s audio settings, ensure your mic is set to ‘always on’.

That’s it! Go have fun.

Step up your Rec Room game today!

How to use Voicemod with other games & apps

We have prepared some tutorials to help you configure Voicemod with your favorite programs.