Halloween Voice Changer 2018
Scary Effects App & Sounds

Troll everyone in Halloween Horror Night 2018 with you costumes and the best voice changer & soundboard app to prank: Voicemod

Download  FREE the halloween voice changer & soundboard to create spirit and scary voices.


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Best Halloween Voice Changer for Pranks & Trolling

If you want create voice impressions of terror characters like Jigsaw, Ghostface or Pennywise or play creepy sounds effects in online games, Discord, VRChat or Skype, download the best real time modulator now. It’s spooky music to your ears!

Voicemod program works as a voice transformer or generator that with different audio processors can make you sound like a zombie or a ghost in seconds. You only have to choose the creepiest preset and prank your friends in Halloween recording or parties. The perfect demonic voice simulator without a mask!

What do you need for the scariest parties? A Halloween Voice Changer & Soundboard?

Amazing scary character impressions with Voicemod

With Voicemod Voice Maker you can create your Terror Presets and imitate the voice over of Vincent Price in Thriller, the popular song by Michael Jackson or sound like Ghostface (Scream), Jigsaw, Jason, Joker, The Exorcist, Pennywise, a Crazy Zombie, Sleepy Hollow Witch, Freddy Krueger or Chucky, popular characters from Movies and TV Shows.

Prank everyone with the best modulator within a mask or a costume! The Halloween Voice Changer to scare everyone!

Halloween Soundboard

With the Meme Sound Machine feature included in our app you’ll create an own soundboard to use your favourite Wav and MP3 effects and samples. Select creepy noises, women screams, vampire howls, cemetery ambients, evil and maniacal laughs, thunder strikes or torture sounds.

This is Halloween 2018! The best selection of spooky and creepy voices

In the Halloween voice changer preset page you’ll find some of the our scariest halloween audio effects. Select your favourite preset in the real time transformer:

  • Dark
  • Dark angel
  • Double
  • Franky
  • Ghost
  • Evil
  • Ogre
  • Fear
  • Possessed
  • Spirit
  • Zombie

Troll like a PRO!
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for FortniteDiscord, Skype, VRChat, Twitch, OBS

How to create a scary Halloween voice

  1. Download and install Voicemod program
  2. Open the voice transformer
  3. Select Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device) in settings page
  4. Search a creepy voice and select it
  5. Prank everyone in online games, recordings or chat apps.

In Halloween 2018 forget about buying a mask with voice changer or a costume with an integrated voice box and download Voicemod program for free now! The best creepy, scary and spooky voices in your Windows PC. You’ll sound like horror characters like Ghostface (Scream), Jigsaw, Jason, Joker, The Exorcist or Pennywise, and play the best terror sounds with the integrated soundboard. One of the bests ways to troll your friends and family during Halloween is installing a voice modulator effects in your PC.

A little bit about Halloween Celebration

Halloween is a celebration that takes place every night on October 31st. It is an original tradition of the United States, but during the last decades it has begun to be celebrated in other parts of the world such as the United Kingdom, Europe and Latin America.

The traditional during dress up dark costumes like those of characters like Ghostface (Scream), Jigsaw, Jason, Joker, The Exorcist or Pennywise. It is also common to play jokes on the acquaintances (using audio recordings with scary voice changers), decorate the houses and streets with jack-o-latern pumpkin, and set the homes with dark music and scary sounds.

It is one of the most important celebrations of the American holiday calendar and symbolizes the union of the world of the living with that of the dead. Everyone wants to disguise as a ghost, demon or provocative costumes. The goal is to provoke nightmares, collect candy, dress up in creepy costumes and terror, scare friends with sounds and sound effects.

Do not miss the opportunity to become the best host in the party of Halloween night 2018 with the best voice changer, modifier and modulator to create scary voices.

Troll like a PRO in Halloween 2018! Trick or treat?