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Dive into Content Warning, where you and your squad become ghost-busting influencers on SpookTube. 🚀 Imagine creeping around with your crew, cameras in hand, capturing those “OMG did you see that?!” moments with a voice changer or and become the next viral sensation with the best meme sounds of your soundboard.

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Content Warning
Content Warning is a standout co-op horror game that has rapidly garnered positive attention for its unique premise and gameplay. It invites players to team up and capture spooky phenomena on camera with the aim of going viral on the game’s fictional platform, SpookTube.


What sets “Content Warning” apart is its engaging blend of horror and cooperative play, encouraging friends to work together to explore and survive. The game has been praised for its atmosphere, the thrill of the hunt for viral content, and the clever integration of social media dynamics into its horror framework. The ability to customize characters adds a personal touch, enhancing the immersion and fun.


With its free availability on Steam for a limited period, high-quality gameplay, and very positive initial reviews, Content Warning presents an irresistible proposition for both horror enthusiasts and those looking for a unique social gaming experience. Its quick climb up the Steam charts is a testament to its appeal and the engaging, shared adventures it offers to players.

Content Warning with a voice changer

Imagine sneaking through the eerie hallways of Content Warning, ready to capture some top-tier spooky content, when suddenly, your buddy’s voice morphs into a sinister whisper right in your ear, thanks to a voice changer. One second, you’re trying to be the next ghost-hunting viral sensation, and the next, you’re cracking up because your friend sounds like a chipmunk on a sugar rush or Darth Vader having a bad day.

Content Warning voice changer

Using a soundboard on Content Warning

Instant classic! Soundboards in games like Content Warning are the ultimate spice-up tool. They turn every moment into a potential meme factory or a scene straight out of a comedy horror flick. You don’t need to pay for the integrated Sound Player, you can use Voicemod’s Soundboard instead, and you will have access instantly to thousands of sound memes and effects.

Voicemod’s soundboard brings that extra layer of hilarity and unpredictability to Content Warning, transforming it from just a spooky game into an interactive, laugh-out-loud experience. So, whether you’re using it to heighten the tension or break it with a perfectly timed joke, a soundboard is your go-to for making gaming moments unforgettable. You will be the best SpookTube star!

Content Warning soundboard

Frequently Asked questions

Does Content Warning have proximity chat?


Yes, Content Warning does feature proximity chat, which significantly enhances the gaming experience, especially when paired with Voicemod's voice changer. The proximity chat allows players to communicate with each other when they are close by within the game, creating a more immersive and dynamic interaction.  
When combined with Voicemod, a tool that changes your voice in real-time, it can lead to hilarious moments. Players can sneak around spooky spaces, and the element of surprise with altered voices adds a layer of fun and unpredictability, making each encounter unique and entertainin.

So… are you ready to LAUGH, CRY, SCREAM and record it?!

(all of them)


Content Warning

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