Get the Trailer Park Boys Soundboard… It’s DECENT!

Go hit 'em with everything you caught.

“Good things come to those at the gate.” Well, the “gate” is over, friends. Voicemod has teamed up with Trailer Park Boys to give you a Trailer Park Boys soundboard! With this collection of iconic phrases from the hit Canadian mockumentary, you can step right into the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park with your favorite criminals, Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles.

The Trailer Park Boys soundboard is officially available to download from Voicemod’s store. Once you download it, you can access all themed sounds from the Soundboard feature in Voicemod’s free desktop app. Play around with the different sounds and phrases and assign keybinds to your favorites for quick access. Connect Voicemod to Discord or any other communication platform you want to bring the Trailer Park Boys to all your group chats. And get

What is Trailer Park Boys?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve definitely at least heard of Trailer Park Boys. This Canadian mockumentary sitcom TV series first aired in 2001, introducing us to Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian, residents of Nova Scotia’s trailer parks. For 12 seasons, fans and viewers follow along with the misadventures of these three trailer park residents, two of which are in and out of prison.

And while the show may have ended years ago (2018), the fun does not have to end. With our new soundboard, you can bring the laughter and complete utter nonsense of Trailer Park Boys to all your online chats.

How To Get the Trailer Park Boys Soundboard

For all you die-hard fans–or for those of you who just want a good laugh–get the Trailer Park Boys soundboard today. Head over to the Voicemod store, download the soundboard, open the Voicemod desktop app, go to Soundboard, and start playing around with your new Trailer Park Boys sounds. Connect Voicemod to your online communication platforms for a hilarious, rowdy group chat. And remember: “Once a trailer park boy, always a trailer park boy.”



Get the Soundboard!

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