TikTok Voices: The Perfect Addition to Make Viral Videos

With millions of users logging on daily, it is no wonder why so many people are trying to get their videos viral on TikTok. From comedy skits to drama clips, you can find virtually anything you can imagine on the app, making it one of the most popular social media destinations of the last decade. 


So, whether you’re a newbie to the platform or an established creator, you might be wondering how to ensure your videos go viral as soon as you click “upload”. Though there isn’t a magic formula, you can improve your chances of earning some internet fame using TikTok voices. Not only will a voice changer allow you to get creative with the content you post, but it will also make your videos appear unique compared to everyone else. 


So, if this sounds like a tool you want to use to your advantage, keep reading for some practical tips. 

How to Do a Voice-Over on TikTok 


If you’ve recorded something like a tutorial, it is a good idea to include a voice-over. This will allow you to narrate the video, provide instructions, sing along to one of your favorite songs, and more.


Well, the path for accomplishing this couldn’t be easier. To use TikTok voices in your voice-over, all you need to do is follow these steps:


  1. First, record your TikTok video however you like.
  2. Once you’re done recording, continue to the editing screen. Here, tap on the “Voiceover” button placed in the corner (it looks like a small microphone icon).
  3. Scroll until you find the section of the video where you’d like there to be a voice-over. Then, tap on the “Record” button and begin speaking.
  4. Once you’re done speaking, review your voice-over to make sure you like how it sounds. At this point, you can start playing around with TikTok’s voice changer effects to get creative!
  5. When you’re done recording and editing your voice-over, adjust the volume using the “Volume” slider located in the dropdown menu. If desired, ensure that viewers can still hear the original video beneath your voice-over. Finally, upload your TikTok for the world to see!
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How to Do Text-to-Speech on TikTok

If you’ve been using TikTok for some time, you’ve probably seen quite a few videos using TikTok’s text-to-speech feature. This tool can be handy for when you want to do a voice-over without recording it yourself, saving some time and energy in the process. Not only that, but it can make for some funny moments that take your videos to the viral level!


So, how does the feature work? As always, TikTok has made sure the tool is easy to use for anyone and everyone. Simply follow these steps:


  1. Record any video as you usually would. If you’re happy with how it came out, continue to the editing screen.
  2. At this point, it’s time to add some text. Click “Text” at the bottom of the screen and write everything you want the voice-over to say. Then, click “Done” at the top right corner.
  3. Now, tap on the section of text you just wrote. A small bubble should pop up next to it with an option that says, “Text-to-speech.” Click on the option, and TikTok will use one of its voices to convert it into speech


Now that you know the basics of this feature, you can use it to your advantage when creating any clip. Try it out on your next “morning routine” or “favorite recipe” video for a chance to go viral.

How to Make TikTok Voices Using a Voice Changer


Let’s say you have an idea for a hilarious video that you’re confident would go viral on TikTok within just a few hours. If so, you’ll need to make sure it stands out from the crowd as much as possible, or else users might scroll past without even watching.


Don’t worry: There are quite a few tools at your disposal to ensure you create the most unique TikTok possible. Let’s take a look at how you can use voice effects on TikTok:


  1. Record your video and continue to the editing screen once you’re finished.
  2. From here, tap “Voice Effects” on the top right portion of the screen. A window will pop up revealing multiple TikTok voices you can use in your video. Tap each one to try them out and find one that you like!
  3. Once you’ve found your desired voice changer, tap away from the window, and upload your video.


Experiment for a few minutes to add variety to your video.

The Best TikTok Voices to Use

There are dozens of different effects you can choose from, but some are more popular than others. As such, you should try to use the most well-known TikTok voices to give yourself the best chance of going viral on the platform. Since most users are already familiar with the voice changer, they’ll be more likely to give your video a “like,” send it to their friends or post it on their social media accounts. 


So, what are the voice effects we recommend? Take a look below.  


  • Robot: Computerize your voice and sound like a machine, not a human. 
  • Siri: This voice-over effect can make for some hilarious moments if you give it a silly script. 
  • Autotune: Make yourself sound like a pop star and show off your vocal abilities. 
  • Giant: Scare your friends by sounding like a giant who lives deep in the woods. 


There’s no reason to worry if you find yourself disappointed by any of these effects. Using an advanced, real-time voice-changing software like Voicemod Voice Changer for PC, you can create any sound that comes to your mind. Film TikToks, prank call your friends, live stream on Twitch, and more with this creative voice changer!   

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