Top 10 Monster Sounds of All Time & How to Make Them

There’s nothing quite like a good scare to get your adrenaline pumping, heart racing, and senses heightened. Though the frightening scenes and monster sounds we experience at the movie theatre might not put us in any actual danger, they sure do offer a sense of excitement you can’t get anywhere else. 


Still, not every horror antagonist is built the same. In this blog post, we’ll be ranking the top 10 monster sounds to grace pop culture and, more importantly, how you could emulate them yourself using a monster voice changer

1. The Predator: Predator Sound


One of the most influential horror goons of the past few decades, Predator takes his time to appear in the first film, though that doesn’t make his presence any less terrifying. Of course, you can’t mention him without acknowledging the impact of his unforgettable monster sounds. Even just thinking about it is enough to send a shiver down our spines! 

2. Godzilla: Godzilla Sound

The so-called King of the Monsters is recognizable anywhere, from his unique character design to signature fire-breath. Still, there’s nothing more special about our favorite giant lizard than his deafening shriek powerful enough to frighten even the toughest of movie viewers. It’s genuinely one of the best monster sounds ever made.

3. Alien: Xenomorphs Sound


What is there to be afraid of in space? 

Well, according to Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi horror flick, quite a lot. No matter how many times the Alien franchise swings into theatres, it seems as if its cast of horrifying Xenomorphs only grows more frightening with every iteration of the iconic series. From their giant teeth to insect-like limbs, there’s a lot more to be afraid of other than their disturbing monster sounds.

4. King Kong: King Kong Sound

Like most of the characters on our list, King Kong is a force to be reckoned with. Boasting a powerful beastly form, surprising intelligence, and a knack for destruction, the classic creature isn’t complete without his most recognizable feature: His booming, ear-splitting roar. 

5. It: Pennywise the Dancing Clown Sound

There’s a lot to fear when it comes to Stephen King’s nightmarish clown creation. Whether it’s his sharp teeth, towering height, soulless eyes, or unsettling voice, Pennywise is a true manifestation of fear itself. Though the monster voice changer used throughout the horror flick is quite subtle, it’s powerful enough to make you squirm hearing every word that leaves the clown’s mouth. 

6. Saw: Jigsaw Sound

Games are meant to be fun, collaborative ways to enjoy your day. That is, unless they’re organized by a masked killer with an unquenchable thirst for blood and violence.

Intelligent, ruthless, and creepy, Saw’s Jigsaw character is a frightening sight from the very first scene to the last. Though you’d think the puppet mask would be his most unsettling feature, it’s the monster voice changer he uses throughout the film that is the most disturbing. 

So, we ask again: Do you want to play a game? 

7. Monsters, Inc.: Various Monsters Sounds

That’s right: Even movies meant for children can be packed with great monsters. In this case, we’re looking back at the classic animated film, Monsters, Inc. After all, it literally has the word “Monsters” in the movie title — we had to include it on our list. 


8. The Mist: Various Monsters Sounds

Stephen King makes another appearance on our ranking with perhaps one of the most mentally disturbing horror films in recent memory: The Mist. Like Monsters, Inc. (though nowhere near as family-friendly), this flick features a host of terrifying creatures designed to make your skin crawl. To add to the scare factor, they also each have their own unique monster sound to ensure you don’t leave your seat without jumping at least once.

9. Cloverfield: Kaiju Sounds

Though Cloverfield’s enormous monster is only receives a few minutes of screen time, its presence is no less terrifying than any other creature on this list. Rampaging through a war-torn New York, the Kaiju causes no shortage of destruction designed to ensure the film’s characters truly have the worst night imaginable. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a proper creature feature without an iconic monster sound — in this case, the Kaiju’s earth-shattering screech. 


10. A Quiet Place: Monsters 


Fast-paced, emotional, and straight-up terrifying, A Quiet Place isn’t just one of the best monster movies released within the past decade — it’s one of the best movies, period. Featuring compelling performances by an all-star cast, the movie’s alien threat is enough to keep any viewer glued to their seat. Just make sure you don’t accidentally scream when those monster sounds finally come blasting through the speakers.  

How to Use a Monster Voice Changer 


The creatures presented throughout pop culture are great, but what if you wanted to become your own beast with a unique monster sound crafted to scare your friends and family? 


Well, you’re in luck. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, powerful digital tools like Voicemod have made it easier than ever to alter your voice however you want. In fact, we have a specific set of vocal effects designed to transform your natural sound into something otherworldly, from Crazy Clown to Ghost. Better yet, you can take these virtually anywhere online, from live streams to Discord chats.  


Check some of Voicemod’s monster sound effects below:

Sound Icon

Ogre Sound

Sound Icon

Franky Sound

Sound Icon

Kong Sound

How to make your own monster sound

That’s not all, though. Using our one-of-a-kind Voicelab tool, you can create a custom monster voice changer like no other. Go beyond the default to combine, alter, or switch Voicemod’s pre-made effects and allow your creativity to flow. Who knows, you could end up making the next classic monster sound and go down in horror history!


Ready to get started? Download Voicemod below to begin changing your voice in just a few clicks.


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