How to Clone a Voice: A Beginner’s Guide to Voice Cloning

Voice cloning is a powerful technology that lets you create a digital copy of someone’s voice. In recent years, this tech has advanced significantly, making it possible today to create super realistic voice clones using deep learning and neural networks. And guess what… You can do it too, in a matter of minutes, using Voicemod’s free audio recorder Chrome extension and ElevenLabs’ Voicelab Instant Cloning feature. Once you have your voice clone, upload it to your soundboard in the Voicemod desktop app to play it whenever you want! 



But before we get into how to clone someone’s voice online, let’s go over what exactly voice cloning is, how it’s done, and what people use it for.

What is Voice Cloning?

First things first: What exactly is voice cloning? Voice cloning is the process of creating a synthetic voice that sounds like a specific person. To clone someone’s voice, you need to have a good amount of audio data from the person whose voice you want to clone. This data is used to train a neural network which then generates new audio that sounds like that person’s voice.

How Does Voice Cloning Work?

Voice cloning works by collecting audio data from the person you want to clone, feeding it into a neural network, and then analyzing the audio to recreate the person’s voice. Once the machine has been trained, it can generate new audio that should sound identical to that person. 


Remember, the key to this process is data. The more data you have to train the machine, the more accurate the voice clone will come out. 

What is Voice Cloning Used For?

There are so many ways that people today are now using voice cloning. Here are just a few examples below: 


  • Personalized voice assistants: Voice cloning can be used to create personalized voice assistants that sound like you or someone else. This technology is used in smart homes and mobile devices to provide a more natural and personalized user experience.
  • Movie dubbing and voiceovers: Voice cloning is used in the film industry to dub movies and create voiceovers in foreign languages, which can save loads of time and money as opposed to hiring actors. Speaking of movie voiceovers, check out this article to learn how to do a movie narrator voice using Voicemod. 
  • Audiobook narration: Voice cloning can be used to create audiobooks, especially for books that were never recorded by their original authors. This allows publishers to create audio versions of classic books that were never before available in that format. 
  • Vocal authentication: This technology can also be used for vocal authentication in security systems that require voice identification. As vocal authentication is highly accurate, it’s a great way to help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

3 Steps to Clone Someone’s Voice 

Creating your own voice clone is easier than you might think. Follow these three simple steps to get started:


Step 1: Install Voicemod’s free Chrome Extension and use it to record your friends’ voices in your Discord chats, in meetings, or any other voice from your web browser. Once you have it installed, just click record when someone is speaking and download the sound clip.


Step 2: Subscribe to ElevenLabs’ Starter pack for access to the Instant Voice Cloning feature. Upload your sound recording in the VoiceLab and input the text you want the voice clone to repeat back to you.


Step 3: Generate your voice clone and see for yourself just how accurate it is. Continue uploading more voice recordings to get your voice clones even more realistic.


Add Voice Clones to Your Soundboard

The only thing left to do after you create your voice clone is to download it from ElevenLabs and upload it to your soundboard in Voicemod’s desktop app. Simply add your sound to the soundboard and be sure to assign it a keybind for quick and easy access when you’re hanging with friends on Discord or messing around in your gameplays. 


Fair warning: Be prepared for some shocked looks from your friends when they hear how realistic your voice clone sounds. 

Discover the Power of Voice Cloning – Responsibly!

And that’s it! You’ve just created your first voice clone, which you can then use to play back to your friends for good laughs and probably some shocked faces. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Voice cloning is a powerful technology that must be used with care. Have fun with it and discover how epic this new tech actually is.

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