April Fool’s Voice Changer: New Voices to Prank Friends!

Warning: April Fools Day just got that much funnier here at Voicemod. To celebrate this year, we have a little surprise for you: Two new FREE voices that are about to send your Discord chats reeling with laughter. Introducing the two most hilarious – disgusting – sounds in the game: Belcher and Fartshow. And yes, these voice filters are exactly what their name suggests. 


Keep reading to see how you can start using this April Fools noisemaker with all your friends and chat groups.

April Fool’s Free Voices and Soundboard

What better time to use hilarious voice filters and sound clips online with your friends than the international day of jokes?! 


With our two new voice filters, you can randomly trigger burp and fart sounds to get amazing reactions from your squad. Interrupt conversations or a story with a random fart sound. Or maybe introduce yourself with a loud burp – talk about good first impressions. With Belcher and Fartshow, you’ll lighten the mood and get people laughing, which is what April Fools is all about! 


But why stop there? Pair these two voices with other hilarious sounds by creating your very own April Fool’s soundboard. Browse over 100,000 free sounds in our community content hub and add the ones that you think are most hilarious to your soundboard. 


By teaming up with Voicemod’s hilarious voices and sound clips, you’ll officially be dubbed the class clown of the group.


How to Use the April Fool’s Voice Changer 

Ready to put Belcher and Fartshow to work? Follow these simple steps to start using our April Fool’s voice changer: 


✅Download, open, and set up Voicemod on your desktop. 


✅Select your microphone in the audio settings. Enable the voice changer and hear myself options at the bottom and feel free to give the voices a little test run. 


✅Go to your favorite communication app (Discord, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp).


✅Choose the Belcher or Fartshow voice in the Voicebox feature. 


✅Let it rip!!!  

Make Some Noise With Our April Fool’s Voice Changer!

The Belcher and Fartshow voices are the perfect way to add some fun and humor to your online conversations. Trigger these voices with your friends to entertain and laugh for hours on end. So what are you waiting for? Download Voicemod for free, select these voices in the Voicebox, and celebrate April Fool’s the Voicemod way!

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Windows 10/11 (64-bit)