Voicelab: Voice Maker & Effects Generator for PC

The Voicelab is a function only available to Voicemod PRO users. This powerful software app editor tool allows you to create a custom voice and design personalized voice changers in a matter of seconds.
Best Voice Generator & Editor Device Online/Offline!


Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)

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Download Voicemod on your PC

Voicemod is a free-to-play program designed for Windows. Leave us your email address and we will send Voicemod to your mailbox.

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Voicemod is a free-to-play program designed for Windows. Leave us your email address and we will send Voicemod to your mailbox.

Select between vocoder effects, auto-tune, reverb or echo to create your unique voices and surprise your friends and playmates!

Customize your voice free as never in online games and tools for streamers with the Voicelab!


What is a voice maker? Custom Voice Effects Generator & Editor

Voicemod’s Voicelab is the best custom voice maker offline for PC app and allows users to create their own personalized sound effects and voice changers, to use them in online games or streams. This tool of the users of Voicemod PRO software allows you to select between different audio processors in real time capable of modifying your voice through different processes. Use it in Discord!

Among the available sound devices within the voice maker software app you can find AutoTune effects, vocoders, EQ filters, delays, reverb or chorus. All these effects can be combined to obtain totally unique voices with personality. Once a voice has been created, it is possible to save it, include an image that identifies it and also assign a keyboard shortcut for use in online video games or communication tools.

With the Voicelab of the Voicemod app for PC you can design the best custom voices in a matter of seconds.


How to use the Voicelab voice maker? Create custom voice changers

The operation of the Voicelab editor is very simple. To create a personalized voice changer or a custom voice generator it is only necessary to select between the audio effects available in the offline software, adjust the parameters of each of them and create a unique and differentiating effect.

How to use Voice Maker

The steps to create using a VoiceGenerator are the following:

  1. Open Voicemod PRO and access the Voicelab.
  2. Select the efector and audio processors that we need to create the desired voice in the voice maker (Effects Generator).
  3. Adjust the parameters of each effect to obtain the perfect sound for our microphone.
  4. Name your voice, select an image to identify it easily and save it in the Voicelab (Voicemod Voice Effects Generator).
  5. Assign a keyboard shortcut to your Custom Voice.

What sound effects for the microphone can you use in the Voicelab?

  • Vocoder: Mix your voice with another sound source and make yourself sound like a robot, a vacuum cleaner, a T-Rex. All full of harmonic and life. God save the Vocoder!
  • Wahwah: Do you know who Jimi Hendrix was? Do you remember that guitar effect that he always used and drove you crazy? You can now apply it to your voice with this great effect.
  • Reverb: A reverberation, or reverb, is created when a sound is reflected causing a large number of reflections to build up and then decay as the sound … BLA BLA BLA. This is the effect that will make you sound like you are inside a cave!
  • Pitch/Double Pitch: Modify the tone of your voice to speak as if you had aspirated helium or as if you were an ogre with a hangover.
  • Flanger: A classic sound effect perfect for creating voice effects from outer space.
  • Chorus: Multiply your microphone signal by 1000 and make your voice an army for trolling!
  • Filters: Remove from your voice the low or high frequencies of your voice signal.
What Sound Effects can you use

Signature voices

Collection of voices that can be generated with Voice Maker of Voicemod PRO, the best voice generator software offline for PC.

Pennywise Voice Changer


Anime Voice Changer


Santa Voice Changer


Helium Voice Changer


Voice Enhancer


Evil Voice Changer



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