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The voices and sounds of the Metaverse.

Unlock memorable social audio experiences with Voicemod’s real-time voice conversion technology.

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and 28+ million players and content creators.

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Select one of the six voices below and click to to record new audio. You can then use the toggle switch to hear how your new voice sounds compared to the original.

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Beyond voice changing.

Not only does Voicemod Kit let you easily integrate our powerful engine directly into your games, applications, or hardware, but with powerful noise removal and speech optimization technology, everybody can sound their best at any moment, in professional Zoom calls with colleagues or during late-night gaming sessions with friends.

Noise Removal
Speech clarity and optimization
Real-time AI Voice conversion
Creative voice customization
Interactive soundboards
Ultralow latency, high-quality sound
Voicemod dashboard

A treasure trove of content.

Our creative audio team creates a constantly growing collection of Voicemod original voices and curated sounds. Plus, we license exclusive, branded, DMCA-free IP content not available anywhere else.

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Fits your app like a glove.

Voicemod Kit seamlessly integrates with your app, so you can focus on what matters the most, enabling you to shape great user experiences.

Whether you develop games, streaming platforms, or the next-gen hardware for gamers or creators, Voicemod’s headless architecture smartly adapts to your requirements.

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Real, real-time engine.

Voicemod processes audio at warp speed thanks to its high performance, low latency engine, meeting the needs of the most demanding players and creators.

Why Voicemod

The easiest way to add powerful real-time vocal processing and speech optimization to your apps, games, and hardware.

Hook your hardware into the Metaverse

Give unprecedented, real-time vocal changing, pitch correction, and speech optimization capabilities to microphones, controllers, headphones, Bluetooth devices, and more.

Shape immersive gaming experiences

Create unforgettable immersive experiences for hard-core gamers. Let them breathe new life into characters by transforming into a robot, a titan, and more.

Unleash streamers' creativity

Add more ways for creators to engage with their audience.

Make your apps stick

Enable users to create unforgettable moments as well as fun and engaging content to share with the world, straight from their devices, thanks to a tailored choice of voices and surprising sound effects.

Here’s what our partners say

“Voicemod is a pioneering software suite that is giving creators the tools to create new and innovative content. Whether you are a content creator or just want to have a hilarious moment with your friends, Voicemod is a downright fun experience and an important infrastructure technology for the creator economy. Elgato is a proud partner and we are excited about the future this type of technology will usher in.”

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Taylor Ward
Senior Manager, Product Strategy, Elgato

“Dixper is constantly looking for new ways to amplify the means in which our users can increase their brand value and revenue, always powered by the best tech possible. We’ve been developing our technology in a way that allows us to, fast and easily, integrate different SDKs and technologies into our platform. When we discovered how simple it was to implement Voicemod into our platform with the official software kit, it was a no-brainer for our team. Voicemod holds the industry’s most sophisticated voice technology, and now it’s only a few clicks away for our users.”

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Iván Mayo
CTO, Dixper

“We are delighted to integrate Voicemod functionality into CORSAIR iCUE, enabling users to configure their keyboard’s G-keys with easily accessible voice changers and soundboards. Working with the team at Voicemod has been fantastic, and we’re excited to continue to integrate further Voicemod functions into CORSAIR products in the future.”

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Matt Dresser
Snr Software Product Manager, CORSAIR

“The creators that we work with know that it can be hard to continuously find new ways to entertain an audience. We recommend Voicemod to our members for its accessible, lightweight, and fun-to-use suite of voice manipulation and soundboard tools.”

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Stephen Ellis
CEO, Pipeline

Multiplatform support

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and plugs into game engines such as Unreal Engine, Unity, and more.

Seamless API integration

Get your mobile apps, web pages, and hardware to interact directly with our desktop application via our API.

What will you build with Voicemod?

Get VM Kit today.

Build augmented audio and voice for every platform with low latency and low CPU usage. Our SDK offers power and versatility to apps of all kinds.

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