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Discover a new breed of voice filters powered by artificial intelligence. Wield the power of sonic identities anytime, anywhere. For free.

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7 voices.

Infinite possibilities.

Yesterday a pilot, today an astronaut, tomorrow an iconic movie star. The choice is yours when you use our AI voices.

Listen to a sample of these 7 new voices on the right to get a sneak peek at what you're in for.

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The Narrator

Celestial Morgan, Presidential Morgan, General Morgan, or just Morgan. The choice is yours with this AI voice, inspired by the actor with the iconic deep voice.

The Narrator

Celestial Morgan, Presidential Morgan, General Morgan, or just Morgan. The choice is yours with this AI voice, inspired by the actor with the iconic deep voice.

Meet Bob, a middle-aged man.You’re the man, Bob!With this AI voice, you’re always the man!With this male AI voice, your squad will know you’re the man!

Meet Alice. She’s just a regular girl like you or me.

Step into the cockpit as Ellen or Michael, the two characters that come with this voice. With dynamic effects and epic background music that you can toggle on and off, you’re sitting up front on this aircraft.

What kid didn’t want to be an astronaut? Well, at least now you can sound like one. Actually, with this voice, you can sound like two*—*John and Anne. Play around with the carefully designed effects, like space ambiance, radio comms, and the oxygen value to hear what a mission to Outer Space sounds likes.

Please identify yourself and disengage. With this digitized female voice, your listeners will hear you loud and clear.

Inspired by the main antagonist in Arthur C. Clarke’s famous space-based series, try this fictional AI voice for the perfect digitized effect.

How to use

AI Voices

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All the data needed to create these voices have been generated with the help of English-speaking professional actors, so speaking in English will definitely give you the best results.

That being said, other languages can still work. But be aware that our AI voices might have difficulty picking some of them up, due to the uniqueness of their sounds and articulations.

For an overall better experience, try these tips when using our voices:

🎙  Speak naturally and avoid any rushing or slurring.
🚑  Make sure there’s no background noise.
🛠  Try to avoid filler words and expressions like “um,” “uh,” “er,” and “ah.”
💨  Avoid breathing into your microphone.

Transforming one voice into an entirely new voice in real-time requires a powerful engine and a whole lot of data. All the key components that make up the human voice must be considered in the process, like harmonics, formants, resonance, inflection, articulation, and more.

This new approach still contains elements of creative sound design, but at its core is a quite different process. It’s important to recognize that these AI voices are not just “voice cloning.” Far from it. They are a fusion of technology and creativity that allow you to explore new use cases and be inspired like never before.

Real-Time AI Voices:

Art meets


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To deliver superior quality throughout the process, we work with professional voice actors whose vocal characteristics match the voice we want to recreate.

We then give them scripts to read from and record, which include specific combinations of sounds and words that we use to feed our AI-based models. The more data we feed to the model, the more accurate the final results.

But feeding the data to the engine is just one part of the equation. Once that part is done, we think about the creative use. And that’s when our sound designers take these voices and turn them into characters that you can impersonate.

This step involves adding things like dynamic effects, filters, and music beds. Throw it all together with our soundboards, and these characters come to life.

Do you

have what

it takes?

Well, we know you do. But how about your
✨your computer✨?

Remember, AI voices require more CPU power than other voices do. So, we recommend using a newer, more powerful computer to get the most of out them.

You’ll also want to test your machine’s processing power by running both Voicemod’s AI voices and your favorite programs at the same time to check for audio dropouts or any other potential issues.

Practice makes perfect. So be sure to take some time to familiarize yourself with the voices before you hit the ground running.

That’s it! Now get out there and have a blast with our AI voices. In the meantime, we’ll keep doing what we do best to give you an even better experience. 😉

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