Tencent Cloud and Voicemod Partnership announcement

Tencent Cloud and Voicemod Team Up to Enable an Immersive Gaming Experience


What do you get when you combine Tencent Cloud’s Game Multimedia Engine (GME) and Voicemod’s real-time voice changer and soundboard? A revolutionary gameplay that allows players to customize their own voices and transform into any character or digital persona. This real-time voice-changing chat solution is nothing short of a breakthrough moment for game developers and a major win for game players.


Game developers will now have access to essential tools and custom parameter adjustments that can be applied to voice messages and recordings in real-time. This integration also allows for voice customization of any character or digital persona. Our software supports cross-platform applications on PC, mobile, and web, covering the needs of gamers across various consoles and devices. Game developers can now take advantage of exciting features, like:


  • 90 preset sound templates – Users can immerse themselves in any digital persona or character with more than 90 unique voice filters. From Titan to Chipmunk to cutting-edge AI voices, there’s a voice for every user.
  • Customizable voices – Empower users to build their own voice avatars in Voicemod’s Voicelab. This feature gives people the freedom to adjust parameters like bass, treble, pitch, and reverb, offering more control and more options when exploring sonic identity.
  • Dozens of sound emojis – Make player interactions more entertaining by allowing users to trigger hilarious or scary sound effects at the touch of a key. Take multiplayer gaming to the next level with improved team communication and even more user engagement.
  • High-definition sound quality, with ultra-low latency – Provide your players with the best real-time voice changer and soundboard worldwide.
  • Voice Enhancer filter – Users can enhance their online communication with the Voice Enhancer filter. This voice features a powerful pitch control while still maintaining a crisp, top-notch audio quality.

Want to learn more about this epic collaboration? Reach out to us at bizdev@voicemod.net for more details!


Windows 10/11 (64-bit)