How to install Voicemod Driver manually

If you have reached this URL it is because the installation of the Voicemod Driver Audio Cable has failed or has given an error during the installation. To solve this problem you have to follow this tutorial to install the driver manually.


Windows 10/11 (64-bit)

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How to install Voicemod
Driver manually

The first step is to access the Windows Device Manager, for this it is necessary to click with the secondary button on the Start button (Windows logo) and select “Device Manager”. It can also be accessed by clicking on the Cortana search bar, typing “devmgmt” and then pressing Enter.

Select Device Manager

In the list of different types of devices search and select Sound, video and game controllers. Then go to the menu bar, make a click on “Action” tab and choose “Add Legacy hardware” option from the dropdown menu.

Add legacy Software

Select “Next” from Add hardware wizard in order to move forward.

Add Hardware Wizard
Install Hardware Manually

All the divers are kept in the system files at different locations. This method will manually install the available legacy hardware from your system.
Click on the round cell against the second option “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)” and hit “Next”.

Search and select the “Sound, video and game controllers” option and select “Next”.

Select Sound Controller
Choose Have Disk option

The subsequent window will retrieve a list of all the devices. Choose “Have Disk” option at the bottom of the window and click on Next.

Click on “Browse…” to specify the folder where the driver files are stored.

Click on Browse
Go to Driver Folder

Go to “C:\Program Files\Voicemod Desktop\driver” folder

And select the “mvvad.inf” file and click on “Open”

Click Next

Select the “Voicemod Virtual Audio Device” and click on “Next”

Continue with the installation process until the end and then click on “Finish”.

Now you can use Voicemod normally.

Finish Installation


Now you can use Voicemod normally.

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