Gorilla Tag x Voicemod: BECOME MONKE

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Voicemod is a free real-time voice changer and soundboard available on both Windows and macOS. Give us your email to get Voicemod in your mailbox.

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Express your true inner gorilla with Voicemod. Tag, Infection, Hunt, Paintbrawl—whatever monkey business you’re up to, our voice changers and soundboards make your simian parkour a thousand times more immersive.

Reject Humanity. Embrace VR.

Gorilla Tag is the perfect VR experience—everyone wants to become monke, after all, and now your dreams can come true. Swing through the trees with the greatest of ease, using your hands to grab, climb and push off anything in sight.


But that’s only half the fun of rejecting humanity. With Voicemod’s voice changer, you can unleash the primal roars and grunts your inner Silverback is holding back. Pitch your voice down, add some effects and boom—YOU ARE MONKE.


That’s not all. With our soundboards, you can add any sound effect you want. Chattering wildlife in the trees. The rustling of leaves on the jungle floor. A chorus of screaming baboons. A Rickroll. However you want your games of Gorilla Tag to sound, Voicemod has you covered.

Join over 5 million fellow gorillas in four exciting game modes:

  • Tag: The basic option. Up to three players scamper around a huge environment, playing a basic game of Tag—BUT AS MONKE.
  • Infection: Run from infected gorillas as fast as you can! This is for four or more players.
  • The Hunt: This mode gives you a personal target to chase down. Remember, you’re a target, too!
  • Paintbrawl: Use slingshots to launch paintballs—it’s Team Deathmatch, but with more hooting and desire for bananas.
  • Casual: Ok, there’s one more mode. If you just want to kick back (which is hard, as your gorilla has no legs), relax and hang out with your friends, you can always start a private room for yourself and up to nine friends. If you’re feeling brave, you can always join a random room…

How to use Gorilla Tag with Voicemod

  • Download and install the free Voicemod app, and follow the instructions to set up a ‘virtual microphone’
  • Open the Voicemod desktop app, and load up SteamVR. In Voicemod’s settings menu, set Input and Output to ‘Oculus Virtual Audio Device’, or ‘SteamVR Virtual Audio Device’, depending on the headset you’re using.
  • Now open your Steam settings in VR. Select ‘Audio’, and set Audio Input Device to Manual, then select ‘Voicemod Virtual Audio Device’.


That’s it. You have Become Monke. Pick your favorite voice changer, and go wreak havoc!

Hey! Voicemod is not only about voice changers, try our awesome Soundboard!

Immerse yourself on the Gorilla Tag jungle requires a proper meme sound collection and we have all of them right at your monke fingertips. Check the video to know how to do it.