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Dive back into the mythical world of Sanctuary to join the battle against hordes of evil in Diablo 4! Since its first release in 1997, Diablo has captivated players with its epic battles, unique character classes, and overall cinematic-like gameplay. Whether you’re playing as a barbarian, a rogue, a sorceress, a druid, or a necromancer, level up your Diablo experience with Voicemod’s real-time voice changer and soundboard.

How to set up the Diablo 4 Voice Changer

Follow these simple steps to start using our AI voice changer with Diablo 4:

Step 1: Open Diablo 4 and go into Settings.
Step 2: Select Sound settings.

diablo4 sound options

Step 3: Scroll down until you get to Voice Chat.
Step 4: Select the Voicemod Virtual Audio Device.

diablo4 voice changer options

With all Battle.net games there is another option do it as well

Step 1: Open Battle.net launcher.
Step 2: Click on the arrow next to choose Settings.

battle net launcher

Step 3: Select Voice Chat.
Step 4: Select Voicemod Virtual Audio Device as the microphone.

How to set up the Diablo 4 soundboard

Take your Diablo 4 experience to the next level with the ultimate soundboard! Follow these steps to start triggering sounds during your gameplay:

diablo 4 soundboard

Step 1: Create a custom soundboard in Voicemod.
Step 2: Add any sound clips you want to your soundboard. You can also search through thousands of free sounds in our community content hub.
Step 3: Add shortcuts to play the sound you want at the exact moment you want. The only thing left after that is to start using them in your gameplay with your squad!


Description: Are you a fierce warrior known for your thundering war cries? The Barbarian is unmatched in strength and capable of wielding different weapons in battle to defeat hordes of evil.
Playstyle: Mainly melee attacks, few strong ranged abilities and shouts
Resource: Fury
Unique mechanic: Arsenal system
Suggested voice: Barbarian


Description: Meet the Druid, a shapeshifter who can transform between a human, a werewolf, and a vicious bear. Join the fight alongside other creatures by commanding the power of the elements to unleash nature’s fury.
Playstyle: Shape shifting powerful attact, earth and storm/lightening spells
Resource: Spirit
Unique mechanic: Spirit Boons
Suggested voice: Odin


Description: Summon hordes of the undead for your army as the Necromancer. These powerful spell-casters are masters of dark magic, which they wield to defeat their foes.
Playstyle: Bone, Blood and Shadow magic attacks and summoning skeletons and golems, casting curses
Resource: Essence and corpses
Unique mechanic: Book of the Dead
Suggested voice: The Doctor


Description: The Rogue is a skilled master of both close and long-range combat, wielding a melee and a crossbow. This warrior can alternate between their arsenal of weapons and even deal Shadow damage using cursed oils, poisons and cold imbuement.
Playstyle: Ranged and melee attacks, weapon imbuement (shadow, poison, cold), setting up traps, great mobility
Resource: Energy
Unique mechanic: Specialization (Combo Points, Inner Sight, Preparation)
Suggested voice: Cathedral – reduced reverb effect


Description: Behold the Sorcerer, a magical character who wields fire, cold, and lightning to destroy their enemies. A master of the elements, this mage-like being is a force to be reckoned with.
Playstyle: Ranged attacks with Fire, Cold and Lightning spells
Resource: Mana
Unique mechanic: Enchantment Slots
Suggested voice: Cute

You can set up other Blizzard games like World of Wardcraft, Overwarch 1 & 2 in the very same way!

How to use Voicemod with other games & apps

We have prepared some tutorials to help you configure Voicemod with your favorite programs.