Who is Voicemod for?


Come one, come all! With 100 different voices (and counting), a massive library of sound effects, and plenty of voice modification features, there’s no limit to how users can experience Voicemod. The truth is, we have people using our real-time voice changer and soundboard for just about every reason you can imagine. So allow us to lead with this: Voicemod is for anyone and everyone who wants to play, experiment, and create their own sonic identity. Sounds pretty good when we put it like that, right?


But if you’re looking for a slightly more detailed overview of why people use our software, whether it be because you want to know if Voicemod is for you (it is) or you’re already using and want to know a bit more about your fellow community, you’re in the right place. 


From gamers to artists to developers and everyone in between, take a look at some of the people who are enjoying Voicemod:


A voice changer and soundboard for every player 

First up, our real-time voice changer and soundboard are huge with gamers. Our software works with popular gaming platforms, like CS:GO, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Rust, Fortnite, League of Legends, and just about anything else you like to play. It also helps that our desktop app is quick to download and has an easy setup, with full integration for all your favorite games. 


Gamers love using Voicemod to play around with the different voices and sounds when online with their friends – and we love watching them! Our keybind feature makes it quick and easy to access sounds and voices at the touch of a key, which is great for timing your joke or reaction perfectly. 



🎮Role players:

Take your roleplaying to the next level with sounds and voice modulation 

Voicemod is great for roleplay games, as it lets users totally immerse themselves into their character and online world. We have a voice and sound effect for every moment – you can even create your own voice to make your online persona more personalized and original. Adapt your voice to wherever you are, whichever genre you’re playing, and whatever mission you’re on. 




The perfect audio solution for streamers and content creators 

Streamers and content creators are a huge part of our community. They use our software to explore new ways to engage their audience. Our voice changer and soundboard make it easy for streamers to control how they want to sound. Our software also offers them a better way to connect with and entertain their audience


If you’re interested in trying Voicemod for streaming, you may want to check out the Voicemod Bit Twitch extension to take your viewer engagement to the next level. Learn more here





🌎And then there’s everyone else!

Last but not least, we have… everyone. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: Voicemod is for anyone and everyone. It’s easy to use and quick to set up, so no need to panic if you’re not a professional sound engineer. It allows you to sound better, control the quality of your voice, and reduce background noise – perfect for work meetings, podcasting, or video editors looking to dub their videos.  


Voicemod is also ideal for people who want to remain anonymous online. There are many women in gaming, for instance, who love using our voice changer to avoid toxicity or unwanted attention. And then we have some users who want to appear older than they are or others who simply want to sound different when embracing their online persona. 


Voicemod is great for people who want to create a new identity complete with a different voice, whether it be a transgender person or someone whose virtual persona has a different gender than they do in real life. The examples of how our community experiences Voicemod go on and on, but you get the picture. 



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