Top 10 Video Game Sound Effects in History

Whether you’re a child or a grown adult, there’s always some magic to be felt when playing a new video game. And, from first-person shooters to lengthy adventure titles, the sound effects that grace our ears while experiencing these journeys can make a significant difference in how much we enjoy a game. 

Chances are, you can already think of a few custom sound effects off the top of your head. Some of them are so well-known and powerful that, with just a single listen, they flood you with memories of your youth. 


So, let’s take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and look back at some of the most popular video game sound effects in history. How many of these do you know?   

1. Sonic the Hedgehog: Ring Sound Effect 


Our favorite blue hedgehog is famous for more than one reason. Still, you can’t talk about the Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise without mentioning its most recognizable aspect: the unmistakable ring noise.


Sure, it could probably belong to any pack of free sound effects found online, yet you can’t deny the impact it has had across video game history. Whether you’re talking to a newbie gamer or a long-time veteran, everyone and anyone — even people who don’t play video games — can recognize this sound. 

2. Super Mario: Jumping Sound Effect


Ready to power up? 


The famous Italian plumber has various features that make him recognizable, from that adorable mustache to his stylish red hat. Still, nothing screams “Super Mario” like the video game’s jumping sound effect, which has been referenced for decades throughout pop culture history. 


Even if it lasts less than six seconds, this noise is enough to transport anyone back to the golden age of video games. 

3. The Legend of Zelda: Secret Sound Effect 


Mysterious, engaging, and nostalgic, The Legend of Zelda is almost as well known for its record of famous custom sound effects as it is for incredible gameplay and storytelling. 


Perhaps the most recognizable sound effect from its catalog is the chime that plays upon discovering a secret within the game. Whether you’re attempting to solve a complex labyrinth or simply strolling through an undiscovered area in the game’s map, you can expect this sound to pop up and notify you of a nearby hidden treasure or path. There’s truly no other experience like it. 

4. Street Fighter: Hadouken Sound Effect


No fighting game is complete without its share of custom sound effects crafted to keep the energy at an all-time high. And, if you’ve been a gamer for some time, you know there’s no brawler as famous as Street Fighter’s Ryu. 


Still, aside from his power and martial arts skills, we’d argue that Ryu’s most recognizable trait is his staple shout: “Hadouken!” There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing the noise right before defeating an opponent.

5. Pacman: Waka Waka Sound Effect


As one of the most famous and influential video games ever released, it is no surprise that Pacman’s sound effects also make our list. No matter how old you are, we bet you’d be able to recognize the yellow character’s signature “Waka waka” noise from a mile away. 


No Pacman game would be complete without it blasting through the speakers as you gobble up lines of white dots and stay away from those pestering ghosts. Today, you can find dozens of free sound effects inspired by the classic soundtrack.

6. Mortal Kombat: Scorpion Sound Effect


We couldn’t mention Street Fighter on our list without also referencing the custom sound effects presented by Mortal Kombat. Though it’s mainly known for its controversial, gore-drenched gameplay, the franchise is also famous for a few sound effects of its own. 


Even if you haven’t played a Mortal Kombat game yourself, you can probably recognize Scorpion’s iconic shout: “Get over here!”. No matter the situation, you can tell things aren’t going to look pretty once he says it.

7. Mortal Kombat: Finish Him/Her Sound Effect 


That’s right: We’re not done with Mortal Kombat quite yet. 


Aside from Scorpion’s famous catchphrase, you can’t bring up the video game without acknowledging the iconic line: “Finish him/her!”. It is always played before a character performs a “fatality” on their defeated opponent (another sound effect that’s worth an honorable mention). Hearing this means your screen is about to be filled with some gruesome, bloody imagery.   

8. Wii Sports Tennis: Tennis Racket/Tennis Ball Sound Effect


Moving on to something much more kid-friendly, let’s remember all those iconic custom sound effects we received during the Wii’s glory days. 


Wii Sports had various noises to go along with its gameplay, but there’s none that we love more than the Wii Tennis sound effects. This sound is played every time you hit a tennis ball with your Mii; it’s seriously one of the most satisfying noises ever. So, whether you’re competing against a friend or family member, you know it’s time to bring your A-game anytime this effect starts playing. 


9. The Legend of Zelda: Chest Opening Sound Effect


Speaking of satisfying noises, let’s return to The Legend of Zelda and its thrilling chest opening sound effect.  


This gorgeous melody plays anytime Link opens a new chest, an exciting highlight to the discovery of a new weapon, item, or something else. Regardless of what you receive, there’s nothing as rewarding as this brief song, especially when playing a game as fascinating as the Zelda series. It’s basically nostalgia in audio form! 


 10. Super Mario: Coin Collect Sound Effect


Finally, we end our list by revisiting the Super Mario series and its next unforgettable sound effect, the coin collect noise. 


Even after playing less than an hour of a Mario game, you’re bound to have heard this chime dozens — if not hundreds — of times throughout your gaming session. Still, no matter how many times it plays, it’s impossible to grow tired of the sound. Young or old, every gamer holds this “cha-ching” melody in a special place in their heart. 


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