AI Space Marine Voice Changer and Soundboard for Space MMOs!


For our new collection of voice filters and sound clips, we decided to head into outer space for inspiration. Introducing Voicemod’s Space Trooper collection! With three voices, one of which is based off the Space Marine characters from Warhammer 40k, and a soundboard with 77 new sound clips, this collection is ideal for all your outer space MMOs and co-op games. Make sure you have the Voicemod desktop app downloaded and upgrade to Pro so that you can enjoy all that this exclusive collection has in store. 


Speaking of what it has in store, take a look at the new voices and sounds that await you in the Space Trooper collection: 

Discover 3 Space Trooper Voices 

The new collection features three new voices, two of which are created with artificial intelligence. Check out these new voices below to start getting some inspiration for your next character impersonation 👇

Space Trooper 

For all Warhammer 40k fans: This will definitely be the first voice you’ll want to try out in the collection! Based off Space Marines, this AI voice filter is ideal for any space-themed game.

The Invader 

Become the warmonger alien that every hero loves to hate with this voice filter. Remember to turn on the background effects that accompany this voice to really get into character.

The Hive Mind

The cosmic ultra-intelligence that sees all, this AI voice is a sort of oracle that connects the collective universal conscious. Transform into a near supernatural being with the Hive Mind.

Play Sounds From the Space Trooper Soundboard 

When you’re done trying out our three new voices, go ahead and explore our massive game-ready Space Trooper soundboard! With 77 new sound clips inspired by classic space sci-fi lore, your group chats will never be the same again.

Get the Space Trooper Collection Today!

If you’re feeling ready to enter the Voicemod galaxy, go ahead and get the Space Trooper collection. Please keep in mind that this collection is exclusive for Pro users! Download the Voicemod desktop app if you haven’t already and upgrade to Pro to enjoy unlimited access to our Space Trooper collection–plus all our other +100 voices and soundboards.

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