How to Stream: 10 Tips
to Stop Framing Yourself Wrong!

Loads of Voicemod users are streamers and content creators, and we want to help them beyond just making them sound good. In this post we will be talking about how to stream and how to do it well with some advice. 

Find here a few tips to help you look better on camera and to make the most of your streaming. Check all the below before going live or see the video below where our video expert Jim, talks through all these tips.

1. Make sure you are centered / balanced in the frame 📹


There is nothing more off-putting than this. If people cannot see you properly how else are you going to show the passion you are putting into your content. Make sure your camera is in focus! After all, people want to see your beautiful smiling face and energy! Double and triple-check before starting your streaming. 


If you want to know how to stream properly make sure you don’t have too much headroom. There must be a little space above your head, but avoid having too much, just a couple of inches is ok (two or three fingers). 


2. Check that your exposure and lightning are correct

There are no excuses even with limited lighting options! Experiment with what resources you have but always try to keep your camera lighting consistent and high-quality.
A lot of streamers use light gadgets. They can be simple and cheap but there are some more sophisticated and obviously more expensive. From simple Led rings to more complex devices that allow you to adjust the light temperature, check the angle and even control the device from a mobile app. The choices are multiple.

3. Brand yourself 👱


Andy Warhol said: “it’s all about repetition!”. Have a play with branding yourself on screen, there are so many online resources to help you. From graphics templates to production tools for creating your own assets: from overlays to frames or watermark. Anything is a chance for you to create a personal brand and to increase awareness.

4. Make sure you are looking your finest! 🎀


After all, it’s all about the presentation of you! If you want your live streaming to go wild and to gain loads of viewers, you better look fine! Your look is also part of your personal brand.

5. Dress up for the occasion 👹


If you are talking about a specific game you could use props or costumes to enhance your footage. Do not over-do it otherwise it will lose the surprising effect on your audience. But dressing up every now and then can make them laugh and react. And, you will gain some comments for sure!

6. Don’t use too many effects whilst you’re filming 🔊


It could be off-putting to viewers – even if you do think you look cool. Using too many effects while you’re streaming might distract your audience from the real message and content you are putting out there, so keep it simple. For that, the best tool you can use is a soundboard. You can just upload sounds to your PC and assign them to keybinds so you can use them easily in your stream. But as said, use a few, not too many. Otherwise, your audience won’t take you seriously.


A good example of how to stream with a soundboard is while playing an adventure game. When you make a jump or almost die, you can use sound effects to level up the experience. Your viewers will love it.d surprise your viewers!

7. Check what’s in your background 🗑️


The background is noticeable: Not everyone wants to see your dirty pants and socks! Make sure you check that everything is ok otherwise you will get some memes out of it!

8. Be proud, show people who you are and what you are into! 🗣️


Open up and comment on anything you are feeling or experimenting. For example, if you want to know how to stream while gaming, you better watch a few videos from big streamers paying attention to the comments they make. They normally make the same comments you make on your own at home. That makes the streaming fresh and natural.

9. Plan your live streaming 🗓️


How to stream on Twitch is different to how to stream on YouTube. Plan what your streaming is about, find your audience at the right time of the week and at the right time of the day. Whilst your live streaming needs to be fresh, things like your framing, your audio, and your timing are key to make it right.

10. Finally use tools like Voicemod!  🎙️


If you want to learn how to stream with success you need to try new things. Voicemod will help you frame your audio! With this voice changer for PC, you have the option to change your voice with multiple voice effects. You can use it while streaming and surprise your audience. Reactions and engagement is what your content needs to be successful and this is what you get using Voicemod. And remember, it’s a great tool to make sure you don’t forget to HAVE FUN!


How to use Voicemod with other games & apps

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