From Discord Moderator to Voicemod Employee [Interview]

You’ve heard it time and time again: The rags to riches story. Well, we’ve got a new spin for you: The Discord server moderator to Voicemod employee story. This is the tale of one designer who discovered Voicemod, grew to become one of the most active members in the Discord server, and eventually became an official part of the Voicemod team. Let’s give a warm welcome to one of our newest Voicemod employees 🥁🥁🥁Marcelo Iriarte!

Hey Marcelo! Can you introduce yourself? 

From Discord Moderator to Voicemod Employee


Sure thing! I’m a Junior Product Designer at Voicemod. So far I’ve been helping out with design and development for different projects, as well as offering my feedback on our desktop app. But I also love taking on other projects that I can help out with! Before joining Voicemod, I worked in UI/UX, web design, and game design. I’ve also designed a handful of visual identities and have worked as a photographer, narrator, actor, and other things unrelated to my career. But everything I did was always for local businesses and smaller projects–nothing as big as Voicemod!

How did you first find Voicemod?

I’ve always been into the whole concept of audio, making music, singing–the whole industry is very interesting to me. So when I first realized that there was software out there to change your voice in real-time, I started investigating. During 2017 was when I really began testing different apps and options out there and I came across many different problems with each of them. But then I discovered Voicemod in 2018 and saw how easy it was to set up and use. I instantly fell in love and about two years later I purchased the lifetime license. Now it’s my full-time default microphone that I use on a daily basis.

How did you become an official Voicemod Discord moderator? 

The moderation team noticed that I was helping people every day–a lot! In fact, I have a record of the most messages sent in the server in only a couple of months. 😎 Naturally, I was taken into account to join as a moderator. I’ll admit I was hesitant at first due to some family and college problems. But I decided to accept because Voicemod was honestly starting to feel less like just an app and more like a family.

To me, the most rewarding part of being a moderator was being able to help. I wanted other users to feel what I feel every time I use Voicemod–freedom. 

Was it always your goal to work at Voicemod?

I always liked the idea! But I didn’t directly reach out to anyone at Voicemod about it, at first. I ended up catching the attention of the team while working as a moderator and helping others. I would also publicly post small concept art that I would do in my free time, which the team immediately seemed interested in.  

To anyone who does want to climb the “Discord ladder” and work at Voicemod, I would say it’s something that happens in a very organic way. It takes time, dedication, skill, versatility so that you can adapt to different opportunities, and a bit of luck.

Last question:

What’s your favorite thing about working at Voicemod?

It’s been a blast! Voicemod really is like a big family and everyone is open to helping you with anything you need. Even with time zone differences and working remote, there’s never any problem with getting things done. It honestly feels like a dream job.

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