Austin Butler Voice Changer: How to Sound Like Elvis

It’s safe to say that just about everyone has seen the “Elvis” movie that came out this year. Or at the very least, you’ve heard talk about the unreal transformation that actor Austin Butler went through to embody this iconic star. And if his impeccable dance moves and singing wasn’t convincing enough, Butler’s voice change to mimic that of Elvis’s knocked his performance out of the park. 


Keep reading to find out how you can imitate Elvis’s iconic voice using our real-time voice changer.

“Elvis” 2022 Movie Summary 

First things first: For those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, allow us to give you a brief summary. “Elvis” came out in June 2022 and follows the iconic singer’s incredible journey and rise to stardom. Played by Austin Butler, the movie also shows the complicated relationship between Elvis and his manager Colonel Tom Parker, played by Tom hanks. 


We also get a glimpse into Elvis’s life with his then wife, Priscilla, who was one of the most important and influential individuals in the rock star’s life. Directed by Baz Luhrmann, this movie includes some of Elvis’s most well known songs that have captivated the world for decades, featuring Austin Butler’s actual voice in many of them.

Austin Butler Voice: Before and After 

Speaking of Butler’s Elvis voice, one can’t watch this movie without noticing the incredible transformation this guy went through to nail his Elvis impersonation. And we’re not just talking about his southern drawl. Apparently, Butler was so set on getting Elvis’s voice right, that he spent months studying and practicing the singer’s muscular habits, which even led to Butler’s voice changing. 


In this video, you can see for yourself just how much the actor’s voice changed after he played Elvis:

Elvis Voice Changer:

How to Get a Deep Voice


One of the most notable characteristics of Austin Butler’s Elvis impersonation is his deep voice. The rock n’ roll star is famous for his deep southern drawl. So if you can manage to get your voice down a few octaves, you’re already one step closer to sounding like Elvis. there are a few different ways you can help make your voice sound deeper. You can try to speak through your mouth more and your nose less, practice vocal exercises, or even just relax your throat a bit more.


But what do you do if your voice doesn’t naturally drop that low? You use a real-time voice changer, of course!

How to Sound Like Elvis 

There’s no mistaking Elvis’s iconic voice. And the good news is that you don’t have to go through months of vocal training to imitate this star. Download Voicemod for free and try our Custom Pitch voice filter to get Elvis’s deep pitch.


Austin Butler Voice Change: How to Sound Like Elvis


You might want to throw in a bit of voice acting to add a southern drawl to it. But other than that, you’re all set! Play around with this voice filter’s pitch shifter until you’re happy with the result and ready to give a good show in your streams or a good laugh in your group chats.

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