Angry Birds Official Soundboard and Voice Changer by Voicemod!

Channel your inner bird with the exclusive Angry Birds soundboard and voice changer by Voicemod! Our latest addition to the Voicemod Store gives you iconic sound clips so that you can unleash your rage in style. With 20 hilarious sounds and one voice, immerse yourself in the Angry Birds universe while gaming, streaming, or just having fun with your friends on Discord. 


Keep reading to see how you can get the official Angry Birds soundboard in your audio arsenal today!

What is the Angry Birds Soundboard and Voice Changer?

Our Angry Birds soundboard and voice changer is a one-of-a-kind collection featuring 20 unique sounds and one real-time voice filter carefully curated from the iconic franchise. We built this soundboard in a way that truly captures the Angry Birds vibe, enabling you to express yourself through hilarious squawks, victory screeches, and other distinct sound bites. 


From creating more engaging content to messing with your squad in a gameplay to creating hilarious moments in your group chats, the Angry Birds soundboard opens a world of possibilities. Transform into the feisty feathered Red, the main character from Angry Birds, at the touch of a button with this exclusive collection.

How to Get the Angry Birds Officiel Sound Memes and Voice Modulator by Voicemod 

The Angry Birds sound effectsis a must-have for any true fans of the game – or anyone who is looking to bring some fun and laughter to their group chats. So how can you get your hands on the collection? 


Visit the Voicemod Store to get the official Angry Birds soundboard and  voice changerdirectly in your Voicemod desktop app. Once you have it, play around with the different sounds and voice to see which hit home for you. Do you have any favorite sounds? Assign keybinds to them for quick and easy access while gaming or chatting online with friends! Better yet, sync your soundboard to the Elgato stream deck to activate full on Red mode. 

Get the Official Angry Birds Sound pack by Voicemod! 

Get ready to unleash your inner bird with our Angry Birds soundboard and voice changer! Create hilarious content, entertain your friends, and just have a blast going full-on rage mode – Red’s style. Your group chats will never be the same again after you’ve explored your feathered fury with this collection.

Get the Angry Birds Soundboard!
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