Girl Voice Changer: How to Do a Female Voice With AI Technology

It seems like our digital personas are becoming more important by the day. Think about it: How much of your time do you spend online? Whether it be to communicate online for work, to play your favorite video games with your friends, or for educational purposes, the need to connect online is fundamental. 


And with more emphasis on connection, comes even more emphasis on how we’re perceived by others. So it’s not surprising at all that many people want to experiment and transform their voices into totally new characters–and even switch genders. And that’s exactly why we’re so pumped to introduce you to our new girl voice changer, powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. 


Whether it be to mess around with your friends, mask your identity online, or have a voice that best represents who you are, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with our girl voice changer. Before we jump into showing you how to use our AI voice changer in real-time, let’s take a closer look at why people want to use female voice changers online in the first place.


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Why use a female voice changer?

The better question would be, why wouldn’t you want to use a feminine voice changer? Even if you feel that your natural voice is a perfect match for your personality, it can be really fun to switch it up and sound like a female superhero or a cartoon princess. 


There are also many people out there who may not feel comfortable communicating with strangers online and want to switch to a girl voice changer as an added layer of privacy. Our female voice changer is also a great option for well-known entertainers, influencers, or anyone with a recognizable voice to disguise themselves when streaming or gaming with strangers. 


And keep in mind, a girl voice changer is also just as fun to use for people who identify as female! Plenty of Vtubers, for example, create characters that may represent their chosen gender but have totally different personalities and voices.  


Whatever your reason may be for wanting to try our girl voice changer, the possibilities really are endless.

Try our female AI voice changer!

Girl Voice Changer: How to Do a Female Voice With AI Technology



Now that you know more about why a girl voice is so desirable and fun for socializing online, let us introduce you to Alice, our new female voice filter powered by artificial intelligence. 


Our new collection of AI voices is only the most cutting-edge technology that we’ve ever released. How did we do it? In short, these voices were created with the help of English-speaking professional actors and a whole lot of data. For more information on these new voices, check out our ultimate guide to AI voices.  


To try our female AI voice changer, make sure Voicemod is downloaded and installed on your Mac. Once you’re inside the app, go ahead and type “Alice” into the search bar on the left. Keep in mind that as a free user, you’ll need to wait for the Alice voice to appear in your free daily collection. If you don’t want to wait, upgrade to Voicemod Pro to get unlimited access to all our voices and sounds whenever you want! 

Transform your voice in real-time, today! 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to talk the talk with our female voice change! Put your new girl voice into practice today while gaming with friends, chatting on Discord, or streaming for your community, and discover the power of artificial intelligence for your digital persona transformation.

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