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The long-awaited Mac version of Voicemod is finally around the corner! We’re working hard to get you the best voice filters and sound effects for your Mac devices so you can join in on the fun. Click on the button above to get notified as soon as Voicemod for Mac is available — we’ll send you an email and just like that, you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh Mac experience of the world’s best free voice changer!

Voicemod — the voice changing app for Mac you’ve been waiting for

“When Voicemod for Mac?!” We hear you — this is one of our most frequently asked questions, and we finally have an answer for you: Voicemod for Mac is currently on its way! We’re working really hard to have Voicemod’s functionalities up and running for Mac OS in the coming months.

We’re currently in the process of adapting our voice changer software to the Mac Operating System. At release, the Mac application will allow users to make the most of all of Voicemod’s features.

voice changer for Mac OS

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We are preparing a large library of voices for users to get the most out of Voicemod on their Mac devices. From our classic voices to our newest ones, we’re giving you a huge range to enjoy in all situations. Use cool voice effects to surprise your friends while gaming or your viewers while streaming. Voicemod allows you to switch on real time voice-changing moments that no one expects — get ready for all sorts of reactions!

Sound effects for Mac in one click

The Voicemod Soundboard is also on its way to your Mac! This means that you’ll be able to play sound effects on the fly while using Zoom, Skype or Facetime on Mac, or playing on Discord on Mac. Trigger hilarious sounds while in the middle of a call, or time them perfectly to highlight moments while in-game. That’s what Voicemod for Mac is about — getting the right sound at the right moment to provoke reactions, laughs, and create memorable moments.

voicemod voice changer for mac

Where to use Voicemod on Mac OS


Video Streaming Apps

Add audio effects and crazy voices to your next livestream to keep things exciting


Chat Apps

Make voice messages fun by adding in a little something special


AR & Face Filter Apps

Pair up a new face with a brand-new voice


MEETING & CALL APPS Meeting & Call Apps

Get a few laughs in your next Zoom meeting


Video Chat Apps

Play the perfect sound effect at the perfect time while chatting with friends


And much more

Voicemod voice changer works everywhere! Experiment and have fun wherever you go

Does Voicemod work with Mac?

Yes! We are working to have Voicemod up and running with Macintosh® computers (iMac, Macbook Pro, MacBook Air, etc.) so users can change their voice in real-time on their devices. MacOS users will be able to use the Discord voice changer for Mac, the Zoom voice changer for Mac, the Facetime voice changer for Mac, and any other communication app of your choice. You can also try it out using party chat in your favorite games!

If you’re a content creator, don’t miss out — with Voicemod you’ll be able to create amazing videos and livestreams using  great sound effects and voices that your viewers will absolutely love!

Get notified as soon as we’re ready to launch and be one of the first people to start using Voicemod’s voice changer software on your Mac