15 Problems Every Gamer Faces

If there’s one common denominator of all gamers, it’s our deep love for video games. But this deep love we speak of can sometimes manifest as a love-hate relationship. We’re talking about all the common problems and obstacles that tend to put a damper on the gaming experience. Whether it be a minor stressful issue or one that makes you want to set your console on fire, it’s safe to say we can all relate to the different problems gamers face out there.


Take a look at some of the most common problems that gamers know all too well:

1.       Crashing games

15 Problems Every Gamer Faces

Try to think of something more irritating than when your game crashes, we’ll wait. When a game crash comes at a crucial moment, you might feel like flinging your console out the window. Even worse than that is if your game crashes and you haven’t kept up with saves. Now you have to go back and repeat hours of gameplay just to catch up to where you were.


We’ve all been there. Not only is this annoying—especially if you’re live streaming—but it also makes the game developers and publishers look bad!

2.       Lagging, slow technology

Games freezing, lagging, or just being overall slow can really take you out of the immersion of your game. When everything goes right, your console is working well and the gameplay is seamless, gaming is so satisfying. You can feel like you’re completely inside the game’s universe. But when things go wrong, and your game freezes or lags, it snaps you out of it and slams you back into the real world. It’s really frustrating, and all too tempting to abandon the game.

3.       Losing track of time

15 Problems Every Gamer Faces


It can be so tricky to manage your time properly, especially when you’re into a truly great game. Many video games are developed to keep you playing, and we all know just how good they are at it! But alas, we all have responsibilities that need tending to, no matter how much we might want to sit and game the day away.


On the other hand, making time to play can be difficult. With things like school, work, family, and chores, finding a moment to sit down and game can be difficult. If you feel like this, try carving out a bit of time in your day (maybe on the weekends) where you can shut off the outside world and dedicate time to your games.

4.       Budget

Not only are games expensive nowadays, but consoles cost an arm and a leg to keep up with the latest releases. And if you’re still studying and don’t have a job yet, these prices are impossible to keep up with. Waiting desperately for a birthday or holiday to come around can feel like torture, especially when that game you’ve been waiting for has finally come out and everybody else is already playing it. Even if you’ve got a full-time job, there are so many other claims on your cash that finding the money for the hot new game can be difficult.


To help keep you well within budget, look into gaming accessories that are free or low cost to shake things up! Our free real-time voice changer and soundboard are great ways for you to add something to your gameplay. Whether you just want to make your friends laugh, or want to add a professional touch to your Twitch streams with Voicemod Live, you can do it without breaking the bank.

5.       Paywalls

15 Problems Every Gamer Faces


The only thing that might be worse than budget issues is a paywall. We can’t think of anyone who likes a paywall. In cheaper games, paywalls are frequent, asking players to pay to continue with their progress. This seems to be an increasingly common problem and one that can ruin an otherwise great game.

6.       Parents

Parents can feel like the bane of your life when you’re in the middle of an important game. We bet almost every gamer has had the exact same conversation, where one of your parents tells you you have to switch off right in the middle of an online game or when you’re so close to beating that level that you’ve been stuck on for days. So frustrating!

7.       Getting stuck


15 Problems Every Gamer Faces



There’s always one level or one boss that feels impossible to beat. Getting stuck can be so infuriating, but the relief and sense of success you feel once you get past it are unmatched. So, next time you’re stuck, keep thinking about the feeling of sweet success. Get some advice from other gamers and remember, if you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself! You won’t get the same satisfaction as if you finally complete it honestly.

8.       Cross-platform issues

It’s only natural that different players prefer different consoles and platforms. When a game is out on multiple platforms, but you have a PlayStation and your friend has a PC, it can be very frustrating to not be able to play together.

9.       Spoilers


15 Problems Every Gamer Faces



When new games come out, it can feel like a rush to complete the playthrough as fast as possible to avoid spoilers. With life commitments like school and work, this isn’t always an option. The second you open social media, you’ll be flooded with spoilers. Thinking about watching a YouTube video? Watch out for thumbnails, they’ll probably have a screenshot of a spoiler for all to see.



So begins the trials and tribulations of avoiding spoilers from social media and friends. Good luck!

10.   Toxic communities

There are always going to be people who want to spoil the fun. When playing online with strangers, you always run the risk of encountering the not-so-nice people of the world. People who say problematic, hurtful things, players who spam, and people who make irritating noises in their microphones.


A few can ruin it for the many, unfortunately.

11.   Feeling like you have nothing to play


15 Problems Every Gamer Faces


Let’s paint a picture: You’re standing in front of your games collection, trying to pick a game to play but nothing is calling your name. Sometimes, too much choice is the problem. Maybe you have too many games in progress or you’ve just finished them all.



The solution to this is usually getting a new game you’re excited to play, but as we said earlier, this is easier said than done. Thankfully we’ve all got one, go-to game that never lets us down, right? Playability, even after you’ve completed it, will at least keep you going back until the next big game comes out.

12.   Misconceptions about the gaming community


There are many misconceptions about gamers. Maybe you’ve been characterized as lazy, a nerd, or someone with no ambition. We know, harsh. But it’s important to develop a thick skin and not let the little things, like these comments and stereotypes, get in the way of doing what makes you happy.

13.   Stereotypes


15 Problems Every Gamer Faces


Speaking of stereotypes, this is something that’s always plagued the gaming community. One of the most common stereotypes, which has been around for years, is that girls do not (or cannot) play video games. While there has been a steady increase over the years of women playing video games–they accounted for 45% of gamers in the US in 2021– this is still a stereotype that seems here to stay for the time being. So, ladies, don’t be discouraged, keep playing!

14.   Having to start over

Corrupted files are the last thing any gamer wants. When you’ve put hours into a game and something that’s out of your control happens, it can be all the more frustrating. At least if you have to start over because you didn’t save, it’s not really your fault—not that this makes it any less annoying!

15.   Having to replace broken consoles


15 Problems Every Gamer Faces


This hits the wallet and the heart. But, sometimes an upgrade is what we need, opening up new gaming possibilities. The same goes for scratched discs, if you’re buying them. This is very disheartening, and unfortunately, none of the tricks in the book seem to work. Sometimes trying these hacks can create even worse consequences, damaging your console in the process.

Keep Calm and Play On 

No matter the problems we all encounter, we keep gaming. The prospect of exciting new games, developing technology, and the pleasure you get out of completing that one game you’ve been at for a while overrides any problems that get in the way.


So, our advice is: Keep playing. Immerse yourself in different roleplaying personas and characters with Voicemod, and connect with the massive community of gamers out there. We all know that the good far outweighs the bad, so while we’re all going to experience them occasionally, don’t let any of these problems stop you from having fun.

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