Voicemod Soundboard App - Audio memes & controller for PC

Voicemod—in the palm of your hand. Browse, play, and record audio memes with your smartphone. Control your desktop Voicemod experience wirelessly, with no lag.



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What is Voicemod Soundboard app?

It’s the ultimate mobile soundboard app. It’s a massive repository of fresh meme sounds. It’s a real-time controller for your in-game voices and sounds. And it’s totally free on Android and iOS.

Voicemod Soundboard is also a powerful, lag-free wireless controller for your Voicemod desktop app. Stay focused on the game—no more alt-tabbing or awkward keybinds. No need for expensive, bulky desktop controllers—this app works anywhere. Your custom soundboard now lives in your pocket!




Control Voicemod from your mobile phone.

Switch voice changers in your online chat. Organize and trigger reactions and memes quickly. Mute voice effects…or make them louder. Prank, react and entertain with instant sound buttons. Perfect for streamers, gamers and content creators!

How to get Soundboard app?

  1. Download and install the app onto your mobile
  2. Log in to your Voicemod account with your mobile
  3. Start making some noise!

How do I connect Voicemod Soundboard to Voicemod?

  1. First, make sure you’re running the latest versions of Voicemod and Voicemod Soundboard
  2. Open up Voicemod on your PC or Mac. Open ‘Settings’, then ‘Controller’.
  3. Open Voicemod Soundboard on your Android or iOS device. Tap ‘Connect’ at the top-left.
  4. Now point your phone’s camera at the QR code displayed on your computer screen.
  5. Done!

Frequently Asked questions

What is Voicemod Soundboard?


An app for iOS and Android that does two important things: It’s the best mobile soundboard app, collecting together your favorite sound memes in the palm of your hand. And it’s a fully featured remote control for Voicemod on desktop, allowing you to control your voices and sounds on a computer in real-time!

Is Voicemod Soundboard free?


Yes, Voicemod Soundboard is free on iOS and Android. To make the most use, you’ll need a free Voicemod account.

Is Voicemod Soundboard a voice changer?


Voicemod Soundboard cannot change your voice on your mobile device—it connects to your desktop and controls your sound there.

How many soundboards can I have?


How many would you like? You can use unlimited soundboards with a free Voicemod account.

When can I use Voicemod Soundboard?


Download and use this app—as a on-the-go soundboard and as a controller—right now!

Do I have to connect my phone to my computer?


Only if you want to use the app to control Voicemod! If you’re just here for the meme sounds, that’s fine too.

Download Voicemod Soundboard mobile app now!