Top Tips to Monetize Content as a Content Creator

We’ve all seen the TikTok dancers that go viral or the Instagram filters that spread like wildfire. From dances to short skits, inspirational videos to commentary for livestreams—there seems to be an infinite amount of content being produced on social media. What’s more, you can actually make money from doing this. Check it out 👇

So what is a content creator?

A content creator is basically anyone who produces content that is posted on social media for an audience to enjoy. Videos ranging from dances to livestream commentary, to someone working out—all of that is content creation. A content creator can also be a company’s social media go-to, where their responsibility is to create content for the company in order to engage with customers.


Now, how can you become a content creator? In theory, it’s easy: just produce content. Upload a funny video on Instagram or start doing your own livestream commentary. But to make money off of it, there’s a bit more time and commitment required.


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Different types of content creators

First off, there are many types of content creators. Anything can be content, and you can decide to post your content on any social media platform. You can post videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Again, you can post anything from silly dances to how-to videos to workout tips. You can write blog posts or make Pinterest boards to spread content. Podcasts are another type of content that has become popular in recent years, especially with the popularity of crime fiction. Read more for tips on how to start a podcast


You can also go the educational route and create audiobooks, educational courses, or infographics. Posting your music and art is another option. The most popular content creation out there, though, are the Instagram videos, stories, and reels, as well as livestreaming and gaming commentary, where creators play a game and comment along, or comment on the levels of video games.

How to make money from content creation

So we’ve talked about what a content creator is and what the types of content creation are. Now let’s explore how to make money from content creation. The most important thing to have is an online community, either by building it or being part of one and expanding on your own.


One of the best ways to make money from content creation is by creating a membership service for your content. A lot of people will have different apps to post exclusive content like workout videos or general advice videos—and by having people sign up and pay a monthly membership fee, these content creators make money from loyal customers. 


This one might seem odd because you’ll have to pay money to make money. Running social media ads on your content creation will increase your popularity online and in return, you’ll expand your reach and will be able to make more money than you pay out in social media advertising.


Collaboration and partnerships are good ways to make money. By collaborating with a fellow content creator or by partnering up with a business or company, your reach increases because of the amount of online traffic the company or the collaborating creator generates. This results in more online traffic for both collaborators, creating a perfect win-win situation.


Lastly, you can generate money by doing affiliate marketing. Have you ever wondered why so many influencers promote well-known brands like Gucci or Levi’s? These influencers get a percentage of sales when their followers click on the brand links and purchase an item at the company’s store. It’s a simple way of making money, but you have to have a large following where your followers are more likely to buy products by going through your content than in other ways.

Find–or create–your voice

There you have it: How to make money from content creation. If you’re passionate about creating content online, this is a very exciting path to explore to make some extra cash. Nowadays, you can honestly make money doing the most hilarious things, but motivational and inspirational content also sells. Your number one goal as a content creator will be to expand and engage your reach, so go ahead and use Voicemod’s AI voice changing technology to create content that your audience will love.


Whether you want to change your voice for Twitch, or narrate as you play top games online with different voices (like a Top Gun pilot, Vecna, or even a famous celebrity), we’ve got you covered. 

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