The Ultimate Guide to Enjoy Voicemod for Mac

In case you haven’t heard, Voicemod now has a desktop app for Mac! We’re so excited for Mac users to explore Voicemod’s real-time voice changer and sound clips to make online interactions even more fun. 


To help you get the most out of Voicemod, we thought we’d put together a guide that addresses all your questions about setting up Voicemod, trying our voice changer and sounds, and using them in different chat platforms. 


To kick things off, let’s go over some of the most important things you need to know to start using Voicemod for Mac.

Your “Need to Knows”

You’ve downloaded Voicemod for Mac, you went through the onboarding steps, and now, you’re in the app. Welcome! Allow us to give you a quick introduction to our key features: 



The Settings 

Head into the settings and get set up by choosing from the options in the following sections:



Audio Devices





Audio Settings

Voice Changer Volume 

Sounds Volume

Noise Cancellation 


General Settings 

Select your default voice 

Start at boot 


Bottom Bar

Your next “need to know” is the bottom bar of the Voicemod desktop app. Consider this like your mission control panel. Here you’ll find a voice area with a voice card and voice settings to alter things like your pitch, noise reduction, and more. You also have the Voice Changer and Hear Myself toggles for quick and easy access to turn your voice changer on and off. 


In the bottom bar, you’ll have the sound area, where you can access the sound list, sound settings, and stop all sounds feature. 


My Collections 

Last but not least, the My Collections section of the app is where you will be able to browse and create new collections with sounds and voices. 

Getting Started 

Now that you know the basics, let’s get you started with actually using Voicemod. 


How to set up Voicemod

If you’re here reading this article, chances are you managed to get through the onboarding already. But if you do have any questions, like how to change your audio settings or how to start using the different voices, just check out this help center article



How to change your voice

The most important steps to changing your voice using one of the voice filters are making sure your audio settings are in check, turning on the “voice changer” icon, and also turning on the “hear myself” icon. When you’re playing around with the different voices in our collections, feel free to adjust the settings of the voice until you’ve found the right sound for you! 

For help on how to change your voice or how to adjust the voice settings, check out this step-by-step guide to get the most out of the voice changer!  




How to play a sound

Have you tried our collection of sounds yet? Honestly, what better way to add some fun, laughter, and excitement to your group chats than with a sound clip? Between our massive in-app collection of sounds and Tuna, our user-generated sound library, you literally have access to an unlimited number of sound clips for any moment online with your friends. 

Learn more about how to play a sound from Voicemod




How to create your own soundboard

Once you’ve checked out all the different sounds we have available, you’re going to want to make your own soundboard to have quick, easy access to your favorites. To do this, simply click the + icon next to My Collections, give it a name, and start adding sounds and voices to your collection. Here’s an article on how to create a collection if you need more information on how to add sounds and voices.  

Connecting to Other Platforms

How to connect to discord 

The final and most important step of the Voicemod experience is to share your sound with the world – AKA, your group chats. To start using Voicemod in your Discord chats, all you need to do is make sure the Voicemod app is open, head into your Discord settings, search for Voice & Video, and select Voicemod as the microphone and your headset as the output. Check out this article for more information on using Voicemod with Discord! 



How to use Voicemod with Facetime and iMessage 

Want to use Voicemod with Facetime and iMessage? You got it! All you have to do is open Voicemod on your Mac and make sure your voice changer is turned on. Next, go to Facetime and click the video tab at the top of your screen. Select the Voicemod microphone and you’re good to go. 



How to use Voicemod with your favorite game 

You can also use Voicemod in any game that has a voice chat! Just as you do with Discord, make sure that the Voicemod desktop app is open, head into your game’s audio settings, and select Voicemod as the microphone. That’s pretty much it! For more assistance, visit our help center article


How to record your voice 

To record your voice while using Voicemod, you’ll want to get Audacity! Once you have this app downloaded, choose Voicemod as the microphone and start recording. Learn more about how to record your voice while using Voicemod here



So there you have it: Your complete guide to setting up and using Voicemod. If there’s something we didn’t cover in this article or if you have any additional questions, you can always reach out to us on our Discord server for support. Otherwise, enjoy all that Voicemod for Mac has to offer for making your group chats and online interactions that much more fun.  

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