The Best Tabletop RPG Soundboards

What better way to game than with your squad in a totally immersive experience–one where you enter a whole new world and can be anyone or anything you want! One of the first things that come to mind here is tabletop role-playing games, also referred to as TTRPG. What are tabletop role-playing games? How can you make them an even more immersive experience with friends? Allow us to explain 😎

What are tabletop role-playing games? 

For those of you who are new to the world of tabletop role-playing games or have never heard of it in your life, it’s basically just a form of role-playing games in which the players are assigned characters and must act based on that character while on a quest or a mission. There’s also a narrator – the game master – who organizes and officiates the game. This person is basically in charge of everything–the fictional world, the events that happen along the way, and the other non-player characters in that world.  


While games like Dungeons and Dragons and Blades in the Dark may have taken TTRPG to a whole new level in modern popularity, tabletop role-playing games have actually been around since the 1970s. Players would sit around a table with nothing but dice and their imaginations and have a blast. 


Don’t get us wrong–people still play TTRPG offline, too! Actually, for many people, offline TTRPG sessions are preferred over online TTRPG. But to each his own! The point is, tabletop role-playing games are incredible group games that involve collaboration, problem-solving, communication, and a ton of fun. Especially when you have the right tools to make them as immersive as possible. 


Which tools are we speaking of? Only the most epic soundboard for online and offline gaming in the world. 👇

What’s a soundboard? 

If you haven’t tried Voicemod’s free Soundboard, get ready for a game changer. One of our desktop app’s main features, Soundboard includes 20 premade themed soundboards that are perfect for gaming, content creation, live streaming, and more. After you download and install Voicemod on your desktop, just head over to Soundboard in the left panel and go through all our soundboards and sound effects. You can even create your soundboards and upload sounds from Tuna, our community-generated library of 20,000+ sound effects. Learn more about how to add custom sounds to your soundboards.


Assign a keybind to your favorite sound effects so that you can quickly access the sound you want for any in-game moment. You can also play around with all the other easy-to-use features, like loop, mute voice, and more to create an out-of-this-world TTRPG sound experience. 


💡Pro Tip: Use Voicemod with the Elgato Stream Deck so that you can access the sounds you need at the touch of an LCD key. This is an extremely easy tool to use and allows the game master to create an unforgettable TTRPG experience without having to shift focus or remember to stay on top of it. 

Why use a tabletop RPG soundboard? 

The Best Tabletop RPG Soundboards



What exactly can a tabletop RPG soundboard do for your game? It all comes down to creating an overall more immersive experience. Keep in mind that TTRPG is one of the few game genres in which Voicemod can really enhance the experience of the game itself. If you play MOBAS, for example, like League of Legends, you can’t modify or make any changes to the game using Voicemod. The only thing you can do is change the way you communicate with your friends, but not the game itself. 


But with a TTRPG, you can alter the essence of the game itself, because now, there are sounds involved. The game master can use their voice–with or without our real-time voice changer–and soundboard to get creative and enhance the players’ experience. To put it simply: Using a tabletop RPG soundboard is an easy way to add a whole new level of immersion to the game, for you and your fellow players. 

Which soundboards are best for TTRPG games? 

Now that you know why soundboards are a must-have, we want to share with you a few suggestions for which of our soundboards are best for tabletop RPG and in which situations you can use the TTRPG sound effects. All you need to do is open Voicemod on your desktop, go to Soundboard, and click the dropdown arrow to view these premade soundboards: 


  • Zombie Horde: Packed with walking dead sounds, this soundboard is the go-to for any horror scene. 
  • Vikings: Try this soundboard for Dungeons and Dragons or any medieval fantasy setting. 
  • Halloween: Add a whole lot of mystery to your TTRPG session with this spooky soundboard. 
  • Inferno: This soundboard is perfect for narrating demonic scenes and battles with your players.  

Tabletop RPG Soundboard: From Game Master to Game Changer!

Now that you know how to wield the power of soundboards in all your tabletop role-playing games, you can transform an otherwise ordinary game into a full blow immersive sound experience. Explore all the features and capabilities you have with our soundboards, customize your own for a personalized experience, and have blast with your friends both online and offline.

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