The Best Horror Games to Play This Halloween 2022

It’s that time of year again: We’re celebrating all things spooky, haunted, and trick-or-treating. It’s no secret that we at Voicemod absolutely love October. What better time of year to dress up, play around, and impersonate different characters? To us, Halloween is all about having some fun with friends, putting on a ridiculous, hilarious, or downright terrifying costume, and being whoever you want. And Halloween is also the perfect time to sound like whoever you want. How? By using our AI voice changer and soundboard in real time to spook or get a laugh out of your friends online. 


In honor of spooky season, we’re sharing some of the best horror games to play online using a Halloween voice changer and sound effects to have a blast–or a scare–with your friends. 


And speaking of Halloween voices, the wait is officially over! Try our new AI Creepy Doll voice for a spooktakular time in all your Discord chats or wherever you hang with friends online. 


Top 5 Horror Games to Play

1. Phasmophobia

First up, we have Phasmophobia. This investigative horror game is all about hunting ghosts in different locations. The cool thing about this game is how the ghosts try to freak out the players, making you hear or see things or even lose track of your team. When speaking to the ghosts during the gameplay, try using a creepy voice of your own, like our Ghost or Spirit voice filters, which you can find in the Voicebox feature of Voicemod’s desktop app.

The Best Horror Games to Play This Halloween 2022
The Best Horror Games to Play This Halloween 2022

2. Scorn

In this first-person survival horror game, players are thrown into a terrifying world of creepy humanoid characters and monsters. Throughout the game, you’ll come across new places, skills, weapons, and more as you journey through an unsettling atmosphere. Prepare yourself for the nightmarish ambiance that this puzzler, shooter, and exploration game has in store. 

3. Stay Out of the House

Stay Out of the House is the ultimate stealth simulator game, in which players hide in vents and set traps while trying to avoid a deadly AI. Take this horror game to the next level by using creepy voices, like our Radio Demon voice, in your Discord chat or by triggering terrifying sound effects from Tuna


Get Voicemod free to start using different Halloween voices in your gameplays.

The Best Horror Games to Play This Halloween 2022
The Best Horror Games to Play This Halloween 2022

4. Dead Rising 2

If killing zombies is your favorite Halloween pastime, Dead Rising 2 is for you. In this survival horror game, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse as former motocross rider Chuck Greene. Use different weapons and items to kill zombies and level up.

5. Dead by Daylight 

Dead by Daylight is yet another survival horror game that we love to play during spooky season. For those who have never played, one player is the Killer and the others are Survivors. With more than 25 killers, players can choose from a selection of different powers, perks, and weapons to hunt down the other players as they try to escape the map.

The Best Horror Games to Play This Halloween 2022

Play With a Real-Time Voice Changer and Soundboard! 

There are so many awesome horror games to choose from during spooky season–or all year long, really. Take each gameplay to the next level with a voice changer that’s just as creepy as the game. 


Download Voicemod to try our new AI Creepy Doll voice to spook your friends and get into the spirit of Halloween. Pair your favorite scary voices with horror sound effects from Tuna’s massive sound library. Whether you opt for tricking or treating, the options are endless with our real-time Halloween voice changer and soundboard. Happy Haunting!

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