The Best Free Voice Enhancer for Anyone and Everyone

One of the most important things to us at Voicemod is to make sure we’re constantly improving our features and technology to give you the best audio experience possible. And that’s why you may have noticed a little addition to our collection of voices in our desktop app. To check out our newest voice effect, open the Voicemod desktop app–download it here if you haven’t already–head into the Voicebox in the left side panel, and there you’ll find… 🥁🥁🥁

Voice Enhancer!


What exactly is Voice Enhancer? How can you use this new effect to get the most out of your online communication? Let’s dive in!


Introducing… THE Voice Enhancer!

First thing’s first: Allow us to explain what makes Voice Enhancer so awesome. This new voice uses our PowerPitch technology to give you super powerful pitch control. It features a revisited, easy-to-use 3-band EQ that lets you quickly clean up the sound of your voice. You can use the pitch control to make your voice sound higher or lower, while still maintaining a crisp, top-notch audio quality. Or leave your pitch as it is and just experience an all-around better sound. 


Keep in mind that depending on which type of microphone you use, you might want to boost the low frequencies to get a fuller sound or dial them back to prevent excessive boominess. If you have a mic that sounds a little honky and nasally, you can always reduce the mid-frequencies to give your voice a cleaner sound. Or if you feel like your voice sounds a bit dull, you can boost the highs to restore some detail and clarity. Just make sure that the “Hear Myself” toggle is on so that you can listen to your voice and get that perfect balance. 


The best way to use Voice Enhancer is to toggle the “Hear Myself” option off once you have the voice set up the way you like it. After all, it’s there so you can set it and forget it–and always sound great.

When to use Voice Enhancer


Best Free Voice Enhancer


When exactly can you use Voice Enhancer? This new voice is so natural that you can literally use it for anything. But there are a few specific situations in which you may find that Voice Enhancer is your new best friend. For example, you have to give a presentation to your company or your class and you don’t like the sound of your voice. Or maybe you have an online interview coming up and you want to make sure that the quality of your voice sounds as amazing as possible. Or maybe you want to create videos and content with superior voice quality.


In short, you can use Voice Enhancer for anything, whether it be by making minor or more dramatic changes, but always with the same crisp top-notch sound.

Take Your Natural Voice to the Next Level

You heard it here first folks: Play around with our Voice Enhancer for a new and improved voice changer experience. Voice Enhancer really is is the set-and-forget option that you can keep on at all times to sound your best in job calls, voice chats, game sessions, or whenever you need a more natural vocal makeover. Get out there and feel confident and in control of how you sound!

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