The Best Darth Vader Voice Changer for PC

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, you’ve already heard the news: The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is officially here… And there’s a new skin in the game: Darth Vader! The final character of the “Vibin’” season is on Page 10 of the Season 3 Battle Pass, so you’ll be able to unlock this skin after you spend all your stars. And once you do unlock your Darth Vader skin, you’ll be in need of a Darth Vader voice changer to fully immerse yourself in the character that we’ve all been waiting for. That’s where we come in. 


We’re going to walk you through our Darth Vader real-time voice changer and how to wield the power of our sound effects to fully immerse yourself in this new skin. Take a look 👇

How to Make a Darth Vader Voice Changer 


First thing’s first: To recreate the iconic Darth Vader voice effect, you’re going to need access to Voicemod’s Voicelab feature in our desktop app. This is an exclusive feature for Pro users that is super easy to get and totally worth it if you want to recreate the most epic character voices. To upgrade to a Pro user, download and open the Voicemod desktop app and click “Get Voicemod Pro!” in the bottom right of your screen. 


The Best Darth Vader Voice Changer for PC


Once you have access to the Voicelab, you can download the voice here. Or, watch the video below if you want to learn how to create it yourself–or if you’re just curious about how we do it 😎 

Learn more about how to use our real-time Fortnite voice changer.

Complete Your Sound With a Darth Vader Soundboard 

You’ve got the voice down. Now let’s talk sound effects. Take your inner Darth Vader to the next level with a customized Darth Vader soundboard to set the tone in all your gameplays. Play sounds from the Voicemod Soundboard, like Imperial March, or browse Tuna, our user-generated library of sounds, for thousands of clips. You’ll know you hit the motherload when you see all the Darth Vader sounds that users upload to Tuna, all yours for the taking!

Darth Vader soundboard

Assign keybinds to your favorite sound effects so that you can play them without hesitation in all your gaming sessions.
Learn more about Soundboard and how you can use this desktop app feature to up your game!

Let the Force Be With You–And Your Darth Vader Voice Effect!

We know you’re dying to get your hands on Fortnite’s Darth Vader skin–if you haven’t already. So once you do get to Page 10, you’ll want to go all-in with this iconic villain! Download our Darth Vader voice changer for PC, throw in some themed sound effects from our endless selection in Tuna, and you’ll be ready to use the force of audio to “wow” and conquer in every gameplay. 

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