Meet Our Discord Community Member of the Month!

Did you know that Voicemod has its own Discord server with 200,000 members? Well now you do! If this is news to you, we know how excited you must be to learn about our awesome community for the first time. What makes our Discord community so awesome? “Well first of all, we offer a warm and positive, active community,” says Voicemod Community Manager Manuel Barón (or @Ness as you may know him on our server). Here are just some of the cool things you’ll find going on in the Voicemod Discord server:



  • Weekly events and streaming sessions with fellow Voicemod employees, where we discuss the latest trends in gaming and content creation, plus exciting product updates. 
  • Different channels where users can share sounds that they create. 
  • A list of more than 250 voices, all created by our own community. 
  • The latest news and articles related to Voicemod.
  • The most recent updates from our partners on Twitch and YouTube. 
  • And so much more! 



Exciting stuff, right? Well, we’re leaving out one of the best parts of our server: The incredible, active members who make our community as amazing as it is. And honestly, there’s a lot of them. That’s why we decided to start Voicemod’s Community Member of the Month to celebrate the different members who help make our community–and our voice changer and soundboard–an even better experience for others. 


That being said, allow us to introduce our first Discord Community Member of the Month (drum roll please) 🥁🥁🥁 Nick! Or as you might know him online, @D4rk! Take a look at our short interview we recently did with @D4rk:

Hey there, @D4rk! Could you start by introducing yourself? 

Hey all! My name is Nick, but I go by D4rk. I’ve been a cybersecurity analyst working in a security operations center for four years. My work buddy introduced me to Voicemod when I was gaming with him and his wife. She was using Voicemod’s soundboard and it piqued my interest, so I looked more into it. 


I ended up stumbling upon the Discord community about a month after I downloaded Voicemod. I was looking to see what the server had to offer and ended up finding a ton of cool voices and stuck around due to the friendly mods. 

What led you to start actively participating on our server? 

I have two reasons. First, I want everyone to be able to experience the fun that I get out of Voicemod and then pass on the tips and support to help anyone that’s struggling to get it to work. Second, the moderator team for sure. I saw the dedication they put into making sure everyone enjoys their time on the server and that inspired me to want to do the same. 

How do you use Voicemod? 

I mostly use Voicemod to do voiceovers for video content that I create with my family. But I’ll occasionally use it while I’m gaming with friends. I like using the soundboard effects to break any awkward silences or to get a good laugh out of people. I can’t say I use one voice or sound more often than others, but I can say that my favorite voice is Titan. There’s something about feeling the power of that voice that’s honestly so satisfying. 

What’s your favorite thing about being part of the Voicemod community? 

The awesome community members! There are too many members to list, but some of the ones who come to mind are NorthLake, Wierius, Not Alpha, and Topaz. I’ve seen these guys go above and beyond to help those in need–or if you need a quick laugh, they’ll always be there to share a meme or two. 

Join Our Discord Community! 

Congratulations again to our very first Community Member of the Month! For any of you interested in joining our community, we’d be happy to have you 🙂The more the merrier, right? Feel free to check out our Discord server and don’t forget to download Voicemod so that you can use it to have fun with all our other members. 

Enjoy Voicemod Free!
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