Ghostface Voice Changer. Sound like the villain from Scream in real-time!

Do you like scary movies? Do you want to sound like you’re in one? You’ve come to the right place. Because we’re going to walk you through the quick and easy steps to creating the iconic Ghostface voice from the Scream movies. You’ve heard of Scream… Only the best slasher movie of all time. With now six films, a TV series, and games, you’d pretty much have to be living under a rock to not have heard about this iconic franchise. Not to mention, the iconic voice behind one of the best slasher characters in history. That’s right, we’re talking about Ghostface. In this article, we’re sharing the best Ghostface voice changer tutorial so that you can totally immerse yourself in this famous villain. 

How to create the Ghostface voice

Step 1: Get Voicelab 

First thing’s first: Open the Voicemod app on your desktop and head over to Voicelab, which you’ll see in the left-hand side menu bar. Reminder: Voicelab is an awesome feature for users who have a Pro membership. The good news? It’s super easy to get the Pro version. Just go to our desktop app, click “Get Voicemod Pro” in the bottom right corner (see image below), and you’re golden. When you have your new Pro account, come back to this article to learn how to create the Ghostface voice. 


scream voice changer

Step 2: PowerPitch

Once you have access to Voicelab, go to the PowerPitch feature and set the pitch to 41 with the mix at 100 and volume at 100. For those of you who haven’t tried PowerPitch yet, this new feature uses pitch-shifting technology to enhance the quality of your voice to give you a more natural, crisper sound. If you don’t love the sound of your voice and you want to tweak it ever so slightly, learn more in this article about how you can sound the way you want with PowerPitch. 

Step 3: Distortion 

Next, go to Distortion. This effect is what gives the voice a bit of graininess and texture. Set the mix to 8, the drive to 9, and the volume at 0.

Step 4: HighPass and LowPass

Turn on both the HighPass and LowPass filters. You’ll want to set the HighPass to a mix of 100 and a frequency of 59 and then set the LowPass mix to 100 and the frequency to 68.

Step 5: Throw in some voice acting! 

And that’s it! Literally, it’s that simple. The only thing left to do is to throw in a little voice acting. Not sure how to voice act or what that even is? Whether it be for content creation or just having fun with friends, click here for 5 tips to start voice acting from a professional voice actor and one of Voicemod’s voice doctors. Spoiler alert: It’s really not that hard to do once you get over any initial shyness you may be feeling😉 Try to imitate a whispering voice as you speak with your new Ghostface voice effect and you’ll see just how awesome you sound. Honestly, you might even freak yourself out. 


Have fun with the Ghostface voice by spooking your squad, getting into character on Halloween, or creating terrifying content. The choice is yours and the options are endless. 


You can import the Scream Voice directly from this link

Who is the Ghostface voice actor?

You’ve seen the classic mask, but more importantly, you’ve heard the voice… The renowned voice that has made this character a horror movie icon for more than 25 years. Who voices Ghostface in Scream? Roger L. Jackson, AKA one of the greatest voice actors ever, is back as the Ghostface in Scream 6. Sure, the cloaked silhouette and gut-wrenching knife in hand are terrifying in themselves. But it’s safe to say that the defining feature of Ghostface is the creepy, terrifying voice that Jackson has brought to life in each movie, from the original in 1997 to the most recent movie release this past weekend. 


The point is, Ghostface is a horror movie legend and has inspired millions of Halloween costumes, merchandise, and aspiring voice actors everywhere. Speaking of which, if you want to impersonate one of the greatest slasher movie villains of all time, you don’t need to have the natural abilities of Roger L. Jackson to do it. We’re going to show you step by step just how easy it is to get into character with the one and only Ghostface voice using one of Voicemod’s Pro features, the Voicelab. Take a look below at our Ghostface voice changer for PC: 

Scream 6 Movie Review

First things first: The new Scream movie that has everyone talking about their favorite slasher villain. The iconic Ghostface killer is back in Scream 6, the latest movie in the beloved horror franchise. Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the movie is a rollercoaster ride of scares, suspense, and self-referential humor that fans of the series have come to love.

When the killer starts targeting the survivors of the Woodsboro legacy murders in New York City, it’s up to Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers, and Dewey Riley to team up with a new generation of Ghostface survivors to figure out who’s behind the mask before it’s too late. But this time, the killer is smarter than ever, and they’re not playing by the rules. It’s a bloodbath in the Big Apple, and only the biggest horror movie fans will survive.


Scream 6 came out in theaters on March 10th and is already getting some mixed reviews, with people either loving it or feeling disappointed. Regardless, you’ll definitely want to get to a theater to see for yourself what all the hype is about.

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