Introducing the AI Music Generator… Voicemod Text to Song!

The word is out: We’ve just released the world’s very first AI music generator, Voicemod Text to Song! What does this mean for you? It means sending hilarious songs to your family and friends created by our very own AI technology. But don’t let the “technology” bit intimidate you.

This literally couldn’t be easier to use. The only thing we need on your end to create your own AI song is for you to write down some text–any text you want–so that we can transform it into lyrics. 


Take a look at the AI song we put together for our Text to Song Holiday carol: 

Keep reading to learn more about Voicemod Text to Song and how you can bring the joy and laughter of music memes to all your group chats and communication apps!


The AI-Generated Music Meme Machine

First things first: Why did we create an AI music generator? We wanted to enable anyone to create their own song snippet that they could then share with their friends or family. Voicemod Text to Song is entirely browser-based, which means you can use this tool online from your desktop and mobile without needing to download anything. 

The creative process is straight forward in just 3 easy steps


✅Step 1


There are only three steps to creating your own song. First, you choose your song. Currently, we have 10 classic melodies to choose from, and there are many more to come!

Introducing the AI Music Generator... Voicemod Text to Song!

✅Step 2


Once you choose your song, you’ll get to choose from seven singers.

✅Step 3


The last thing to do is to write the text that our AI music machine will transform into a song. 

And that’s it! You now have your AI-generated song that you can share on any communication app. You can also share it on Tuna to add to our growing collection of AI music.

Try the Free AI Song Generator

Come one, come all! Voicemod Text to Song is completely free to encourage anyone to create their own AI music on desktop and mobile. Give it a try, play around with the different songs and singers and create your own lyrics for unlimited musical fun.

Spoiler alert: This is only the beginning of Voicemod’s musical era. There are many more songs and AI singers to come with our Text to Song tool in various styles like hip hop, pop, urban, etc. so stay tuned and have a blast!

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