Interview With Husbint: The Hot Sauce Content Creator

For those of us who love to create and entertain online, becoming a professional content creator is pretty much a dream come true. But it’s one thing to start out as a content creator and an entirely different thing to be labeled a “successful” one. And while, in many ways, this is a fairly easy career path to pursue, making your channels profitable is anything but easy. But don’t let that discourage you. With some hard work and following some best practices, you have just as much of a shot as anyone to start making money from creating content online. Speaking of best practices…


We recently sat down with Jonathan Ferreira (Husbint, byjono), a professional content creator, Voicemod partner, and hot sauce fiend, to pick his brain on starting out as a content creator and advice for amateur creators. Keep reading to learn more about how Jonathan went from Social Media Manager at Red BullGaming to full-time creator. 

Content Creator Spotlight: Jonathan Ferreira

Before we get into the tips and best practices for newbies, allow us to give a shoutout to our guest of honor and member of Voicemod’s creator program, Jonathan, or as his followers know him, Husbint! 



VM: Hey Jonathan! Mind giving us an intro and sharing a bit about your background and how you got into content creation? 


Husbint: Sure thing! My name is Jonathan (Husbint). I was first introduced to content creation after a stint with PlayStation in South Africa, during which I was shooting for punk bands, going on tour with bands and DJs, and making videos and posters for events. 


VM: You spent some time at Red Bull Gaming. Could you share what you did there and how you think that experience helped you pursue content creation? 


Husbint: I was the Social Media Manager on the Red Bull Gaming team, during which time my main responsibility was to keep the channels active and grow the community across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Discord, and more. 


Overall, I think my time at Red Bull Gaming gave me a unique insight into the world of professional esports, content creation, and social media. The experience was invaluable. 


VM: What kind of content do you create now? 


Husbint: My content offering is incredibly varied. As a visual creator, the stuff I put out there is either still or animated images. That being said, I did experiment with podcasting from VODs while I was streaming in an effort to demonstrate that content creation isn’t insular. You can use one piece of content in multiple ways.

Nowadays, I shoot portraits for my wife, who is creating inspired makeup looks, which are shared on Instagram and Twitter. I also stream spooky stories on Twitch and review hot sauce on YouTube and Facebook. Twitter is a hellscape at the moment, so anything goes, and my Instagram channel is a mix of shoots, moving images, and illustrations.


TikTok has been the one platform where I’ve felt a bit lost, but I’m still having fun with the content that I post there, which is mostly travel and unboxing. I also had the express pleasure of working on a song with a producer (Rhepuls) who used audio from gameplay clips that I had recorded and distributed on all popular streaming platforms.


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A post shared by Jonathan Ferreira (@byjono)


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A post shared by Jonathan Ferreira (@byjono)

VM: What do you think makes your content stand out? 


Husbint: I think my images and illustrations have a very unique style that sets them apart from anything I’ve seen. And when it comes to my hot sauce videos, I can say without a doubt that it is a very unique offering, visually speaking. In conjunction with my personality these are the pillars I can rely on. 


And then there are my Twitch streams, which have a very interactive community. This is where I have used Voicemod as part of my channel redemptions, in which Voicemod will actually activate without me knowing, much to the amusement of the chat. It took some time, but being able to talk to myself when the chat is quiet has become a valuable skill that has developed into a “constant conversation” style. I’ve always been a very loud person, so my style of content is very bombastic.


VM: How do you like to use Voicemod in your content? 


Husbint: I have Voicemod deployed on my channel through various points that are linked with LumiaStream to my lighting setup, which changes the lights when Voicemod is triggered. There was also a time when my chat could just redeem Voicemod to yield unexpected results

Voicemod has given my channel a little pep. It’s nice to be able to include viewers in an interactive way that affects the broadcast almost immediately. I especially enjoy the way that AI has been deployed to create songs now – and a special shout out to the “Nanoade Signature Soundboard.” That really takes the stress out of finding all those sounds that are so popular across the universe! 


If you’re the kind of streamer that enjoys talking to your community, it’s a no-brainer that you’d include Voicemod in your loadout. I also see it working very well for Vtubers and podcasters. And the Voicelab feature? GENIUS! You can tweak the voices to your own liking! I’ve played with those features and made voices of my own. It’s not just a case of altering your voice to be completely indistinguishable.


There is also the opportunity to complement your voice with a deeper tone or clarity. And the soundboard? What a blessing in building scenes for your stream. No more trying to be shady about music in your stream. You could totally build a whole roleplay scene only using Voicemod. 

Pro Advice for Up-and-Coming Creators 

Now that you know a bit more about Husbint’s background and awesome experience in content creation, let’s take a look at some of his best tips and advice for any of you looking to start or scale your career as a content creator. 


Don’t be overwhelmed by your own ideas. 

At times, it can feel like your goals are more than you could possibly attain. But by working on things as you go and putting in the work one day at a time, you will grow and learn. I don’t think practice makes perfect; it makes improvement. 


Know why you’re creating. 

It’s important to figure out why you’re creating, whether it be for your love of creative output or just to have a new source of income. Or maybe it’s a fun hobby you like to dabble with! Whatever your reason may be, just be honest with what your expectations are. 


Put audio first. 

To me, audio is the most essential aspect of content creation, whether for podcasting, Vtubing, streaming, or music. My personal choice for a microphone is the Elgato Wave, which is easily one of the best USB mics out there. I would say that pairing my Wave with Voicemod was the most seamless decision I made. No regrets.


Don’t be afraid of experimenting. 

As a new creator, you have the freedom to play around with different ideas and get experimental. Go with the flow, try new things, and see what works for you as you grow. 


Create interest. 

There are plenty of creators that feel bitter because they start streaming and only get a few viewers and then take to Twitter enraged… Stop. Refocus. Does the content you’re creating need to be said? Does it need to be said by you? Does it need to be said by you right now? Try to think of ways you can create content that you’re interested in that then attracts attention without coming across as desperate for people to watch.


Learn from other creators. 

Interact with other creators and learn from what they are doing. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask what they’re working on because 99% of them will share it with you. By taking an interest in what someone else is producing, you’ll be part of their feedback loop and learn a lot in the process. Collaborations with other creators are an easy way to grow your brand, not to mention it’s often an easy way to break out of being stuck. 


Be accountable. 

Once you’ve established a small community, you’ll be accountable to them, your followers. And that’s just it. It’s all on you. As exciting as it is to see your audience grow, remember that you have a responsibility to hold yourself accountable for the content you put out. 

VM: Last question! How do you measure success as a content creator, and what advice would you give to others trying to grow their audience? 


Husbint: This is the question! Are you out to get viewers? Followers? Money? For me, success is seeing someone else happy with something they spent time engaging with. I feel accomplished when the people who engage with me feel like they’ve had fun. It’s not wrong to have a goal of x followers, but is that your whole personality? How will that change your content? It’s worth far more having fewer dedicated engagements than having a larger following that doesn’t reflect in your metrics. 


I think the most important thing I can say is just to have fun. If it’s not fun, then you won’t enjoy it, and your community certainly won’t enjoy it. Find the fun in your own content, and share that with your community!

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