How to Use AI Voice Apps: A Realistic Way to Change Your Sound

AI technology has revolutionized various aspects of our lives, and one fascinating application of this technology is AI voice apps. These innovative tools allow users to transform their voices in real-time, providing a fun and creative way to change the way we sound. 


Keep reading as we dive into the different features and functionalities of Voicemod’s AI voice changer app for desktop and discuss how you can use it to wow your friends and tap into your creative potential.

Explore Realistic Real-Time AI Voice Changer Presets 

When you first land in the Voicemod desktop app, you’ll see the Voicebox feature located in the left panel. Upon entering the Voicebox, you will find a collection of +100 unique voice filters, featuring AI technology that enables you to transform into any character or digital persona. We say that there are more than 100 voices to explore, but in reality, it is much more than that. Each voice comes with different settings and background effects that you can adjust to your liking. Play around with the effects to make any of these voices your own. 


Whether you wish to impersonate your favorite celebrity or transform into a character, like Darth Vader or Ghostface, the sky’s the limit with our customizable voice filters.

Custom AI Voice Generator in Real-Time

In addition to our preset voice changer options, our desktop app also has the Voicelab feature for Pro users. The Voicelab is our beloved voice generator that allows you to create your very own voice from scratch. With a menu of effects to choose from and play with, the possibilities are virtually limitless for creating AI-generated voices. 


Bring your imagination to life in the Voicelab and then share your one-of-a-kind voice with the world on Discord, in your The Finals gameplays, or videos.

Unlimited AI Creation Possibilities!

The Voicemod experience is so much more than just a voice changer. You can leverage the power of AI to generate your own personalized sound snippets that you can send to your friends and family. Head over to Voicemod Text to Song and simply choose your music background and AI singer, type the lyrics you want them to sing, and generate your custom song in seconds! It’s never been easier to create AI music than with Voicemod Text to Song – and it makes for hilarious reactions from your group chats! 


@voicemod Write anything and make a song out of it — Voicemod Text-to-Song is out! Try it now. #vmttsong #music #christmas #voicemod #ai ♬ original sound – Voicemod 🎙


Speaking of hilarious reactions, don’t forget to explore Voicemod’s beloved soundboard. Discover our preloaded themed soundboards with amazing sound clips that you can trigger for perfectly-timed reactions. Be sure to explore our content community hub for thousands of sound clips in every category you can imagine. Browse through our library and download any sound you want for free to add to your customized soundboards!

Who Can Use AI Voice Changer Apps?

Absolutely everyone! Maybe you’re a content creator who wants to boost engagement on your channel. Maybe you simply want to give your voice a cleaner, sharper sound for a video call. Maybe you’re a voice actor who likes to use voice effects to step up their game. Or maybe you want to fully immerse yourself in a new character during your gameplays or RPG sessions. Whatever your reason may be, Voicemod’s voice changer app for desktop allows you to unleash your creativity and take your sound to the next level! 


Download the Voicemod desktop app and discover all the possibilities that our AI voice changer and soundboard has for you.

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