How to Use a Voice Changer in Fall Guys

BREAKING NEWS!! Fall Games is now free for all on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and the Epic Games Store! Ok, so maybe this isn’t breaking news, seeing as the whole world is playing Fall Guys right now. But what is breaking news is that you can pair the Fall Guys experience with our free real-time voice changer for an even more epic gameplay. 


In this article, we’re going to show you how easy it is to use a voice changer in Fall Guys. But first, a bit of background information, please 🙏

Introducing Fall Guys–for Free! 

Long story short: If you’re wondering what the latest Fall Guys craze is all about, it’s because the Blunderstone Construction Crew recently launched their free-to-play model so that everyone can enjoy the Fall Guys experience. Previously called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, this game includes six seasons with themes that range from a festival party to a winter wonderland and even a medieval world. 


For those of you who haven’t played, Fall Guys is basically just a battle royale game in which players compete against each other in different obstacles, races, and games. Who exactly are the “Fall Guys” you ask? These are the characters that players control and look like colorful little beans. 


Whether you’re a pro who’s been playing Fall Guys since their launch in 2020 or you’re a complete rookie, go ahead and download Fall Guys for free so that you can see what all the buzz is about–and so you can unlock yet another way to enjoy our real-time voice changer in action. 


Easy steps to use a voice changer in Fall Guys 

So, how can you use Voicemod’s free voice changer in Fall Guys to have even more of a blast? Take a look at how you can put our 100+ voice filters to use in your gameplay: 


  1. First, download and set up Voicemod if you haven’t already.
  2. Next, go to the audio settings in Fall Guys.
  3. In the Party Voice Chat section, change the input device to “Voicemod Virtual Audio.”
  4. Make sure that Party Chat is “on” and then select “open mic.”
  5. Go back to Voicemod in the Voicebox feature, turn “voice changer” on at the bottom of the screen, select your favorite voice, and start speaking in Fall Guys with your friends and fellow players.


@voicemod Adding voice chat was the best decision yet, @fallguysgame 🤣🤣#fallguys #voicechat #voicechanger #fallguysultimateknockout #voicemod ♬ original sound – Voicemod 🎙

Free Fall Guys + Free Voice Changer = Ultimate Knockout! 

What are you waiting for? Go get in on the action by playing Fall Guys for free with all your friends and see what a difference our voice changer can make. 

Get Voicemod for Fall Guys!