How to Use a Real-Time AI Voice Changer on Discord

What’s the only thing better than a real-time voice changer? A real-time voice changer powered by artificial intelligence. In case you missed the news, Voicemod released a collection of AI voices to give you the most realistic voice for any character you want to impersonate online. Whether you want to sound like a woman, a man, a celebrity, or your favorite villain, there is a voice for you in Voicemod. But, the fun of Voicemod doesn’t really happen until you share your new voice with the world… And that brings us to the main focus of today’s article: How to use our real-time AI voices in your Discord chats!


Take a look at how you can use an AI voice generator in Discord to “wow” your group chats and have a blast! 


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What is a Voice AI Generator?

Our AI voices transform your voice into an entirely new voice. How is this different than your average voice changer? AI voices use a super powerful engine and lots of data to give you the most realistic, top-quality voice you can get. 


What’s more, our AI voices work in real time so that you can impersonate your favorite character or transform into someone else entirely in all your voice chats. For more information, check out our ultimate guide to our real-time AI voices.  

Why Use an AI Voice Generator?

The better question might be, why wouldn’t you use an AI voice generator? AI voices unlock a whole new world of possibilities in how you can immerse yourself in your online persona. Want to speak like a woman? Try our AI girl voice changer, Alice. Maybe you want to narrate a gameplay or TTRPG session… Our Narrator voice is the top choice. Or maybe you’re feeling spooky and want to give your group chats a scare. Try our Creepy Doll AI voice



Once you download the Voicemod desktop app, you’ll see just how many options await you in our ever-growing collection of AI voices.

How to Use an AI Voice Changer on Discord 

Now that you know what an AI voice generator is and why you should use one, it’s time to go over how you can start using AI voices on Discord. 


➡️Step 1: Once you download the Voicemod desktop app and set up your audio (it only takes a couple of minutes!), turn on the “Hear Myself” and “Voice Changer” toggles located in the bottom bar. 


➡️Step 2: Keep Voicemod open on your desktop and go to Discord. 


➡️Step 3: Go to User Settings and select Voice & Video. 


➡️Step 4: Choose the Voicemod microphone from the Input Device drop-down. IMPORTANT: Do NOT choose Voicemod for the output! Choose your own headphones or speaker. 


➡️Step 5: Disable the following settings in Discord:

Automatically Determine Input Sensitivity 

Noise Suppression

Echo Cancellation 

Noise Reduction 

Automatic Gain Control 



You’re all set! Now all that’s left to do is to go have a blast with your new AI voice generator in all your voice chats. 

Change Your Voice With AI in Discord! 

Whether you’re looking to use soundboards on Discord or shake up your voice chats with a super realistic voice filter, our AI voice changer is fast, easy, and ridiculously fun. Download the Voicemod desktop app to get started with our AI voice generator in all your group chats. 

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