How to Start Vtubing on Twitch for Beginners

Want to know how to start Vtubing on Twitch and other streaming platforms? You’ve come to the right place! Over the last couple of years since the pandemic, Vtubing has taken off in popularity. This surging trend is taking entertainment media by storm and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. So it’s only natural that more people are thinking about how they can get in on the action. In this article, we’re going to give you the lowdown on how to start Vtubing as a beginner with a few simple steps. 


But before we get into the tips and tricks on how you can become the next virtual influencer–and how you can use Voicemod to take your Vtubing to the next level–let’s go over the basics: What even is a V tuber?

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What is Vtubing? What is a Vtuber?

How to Start Vtubing on Twitch for Beginners



Coined in 2016 by Kizuna AI, who is widely considered the first Vtuber, the term Vtuber–AKA virtual YouTuber–refers to an online entertainer who uses virtual avatars to disguise their real-world appearance. Vtubers use these avatars to stream to audiences on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. 


These virtual avatars are designed in a way that’s similar to anime characters drawn in Japanese animated shows. And since millions of people around the world watch anime, the popularity of Vtubers has extended far beyond Japan, where the majority of Vtubers are from. 


The most popular Vtubers include Kizuna AI, Gawr Gura, Usada Pekora, and Zentreya, among others who are taking the industry by storm.

How to Be a Vtuber: The Best Tools for Vtubing 

If you’re thinking about Vtubing on Twitch, there are a few things you’re going to need to get the ball rolling. Take a look at some of the main equipment you’ll need to start Vtubing: 


  1. Webcam: You’ll need a webcam to use motion tracking software so that you can use your Vtuber model.
  2. Microphone: You can get an awesome microphone that will help you connect with your audience–without breaking the bank. Take a look at some of our favorite microphones when on a budget.
  3. Good lighting setup: Good lighting is key to helping your motion tracking software give you the highest quality virtual avatar.
  4. PC: You don’t need to go out and buy the latest and greatest machine. As long as your PC can run your motion tracking software, video games, and other software all at the same time, you’ll be good to go.


And here is some of the software you’ll need to start Vtubing:

  1. Avatar creation software
  2. Face tracking software
  3. Streaming software

Vtuber Basics:

7 Tips to Start Vtubing on Twitch 

Now that you know some of the key pieces of equipment you’ll need, let’s go through some of our top tips on how to start Vtubing on Twitch:



How to Start Vtubing on Twitch for Beginners

1. Brainstorm your character 

The first step is to go to the drawing board and visualize how you want your virtual avatar to look. Create a few sketches that include your ideas for designs, which outfits you see them in, and even their backstory. Whether you have someone else making your avatar or you’re creating it yourself, this will help give you inspiration and to know exactly what you want.

2. Identify your audience

While you’re in brainstorm mode, take a beat to think about who you want to create content for. What kind of audience do you want to attract to your channel? Like with any type of content creation, this step is very important to help give you direction when coming up with your video content and material. Keep in mind that it’s totally fine if the type of content you create changes as you go, but still. It’s important to have a general idea of who your channel will be aimed at. 

3. Create your avatar

Now, the most important step to starting a Vtubing channel is to actually create your avatar. There are a few ways you can do this: Commission an artist to create an avatar for you (Fiverr), purchase a premade avatar (Sketchfab is a great place to start), or create your own! If you do opt to create your own, go check out VTuber Maker on Steam for a super easy process to create your own model.

4. Install a motion tracking software

Once you have your virtual avatar, it’s time to hook up your motion tracking software. This software works by using your webcam to capture your facial expressions and movements and then translates them to your avatar. VSeeFace is a great option for a motion tracking system, with many settings that you can enable or disable to personalize your avatar. 

5. Connect to a streaming program

You have your avatar, you have your motion tracking software, and now all that’s left is to download a streaming program. There are plenty of options to choose from, but some of the best streaming software include OBS Studio, XSplit, or Streamlabs OBS. Check out this video below to set up VSeeFace in Streamlabs OBS.

6. Be yourself

Remember: People want to tune into your channel for you. Take time to really think about your virtual persona. Take some risks and experiment with different ideas to differentiate yourself from others. Give your voice a sound that’s as original as your avatar with Voicemod’s real-time voice changer. You can download our desktop app for free and explore 110+ unique voice filters, including our AI voices, to personalize your virtual persona. Try our Custom Pitch voice to change the pitch of your voice, while still enjoying a realistic, clean sound.


Learn more about our new voices powered by artificial intelligence, here


Whether it be by customizing your voice, creating your own words, or including a unique design element in your avatar, there are so many ways you can explore your identity as your go. 

7. Have fun! 

After all, that’s what this is all about right? Sure, if you play your cards right, you can definitely make some cash Vtubing. But at the end of the day, if you’re not enjoying what your doing, others won’t enjoy watching–trust us.

Learn How to Become a Vtuber,

Become a Virtual Influencer 

There you have it: How to start Vtubing on Twitch. You have the tools, the rest is up to you! Vtubing is a fantastic form of content creation for anyone who wants to stream for a global community without the pressure of showing their real-world identity. Create a plan, be consistent, be yourself, and have a blast. Your channel’s success will soon follow.

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