How to Speak Like a Minion: Minions Voice Changer!

The new Minions: Rise of Gru movie has officially hit the big screen–and it’s pretty much all anyone is talking about. It’s only natural that there’s one question on every Minion super fan’s mind right now: “How can I speak like a minion?” 


The prequel to the Despicable Me series introduces us to a young Gru, who is determined to become a villain by joining the biggest and baddest group in the game, the Vicious 6. When his interview with the group doesn’t go according to plan, Gru goes on the run with his trusty, yellow sidekicks, the Minions. 

With this new movie already breaking box office records, it’s no shock that fans are trying to master the annoying–but somehow still adorable and hilarious–Minion language. If you’re one of the fans wondering how to speak like a minion, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re breaking down the Minion voice and language–and showing you how to speak Minionese using a Minion voice changer.


How do you speak Minionese? 

First things first: Who invented the Minion language? Where does this fictional pop culture lingo come from? Minionese, also known as the “Banana Language” was invented by the Despicable Me co-directors, Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud. Minionese is basically just a mix of syllables, inflection, real words that the characters mispronounce, and other Minion sound effects. The language was also created using a combination of Indian, French, English, Spanish, and Italian, which is why you’ll hear some familiar words like “gelato” and “para tu.”


Speaking of words that the Minions like to say, here are a few of the most common phrases in their vocabulary along with their English translations: 


Bello – Hello

Poopaye – Goodbye

Tank yu – Thank you

We want banana – I’m hungry

Underwear – I swear

Bee Do – Fire

Tatata bala tu – I hate you

Gelato – Ice cream 

Para tu –  For you 

Speak Like a Minion With Our Voice Changer 

Now that you’ve got a few key phrases locked down, it’s time to kick your Minion impressions into high gear. Check out this video to see how easy–and fun–it is to sound like a Minion with our real-time voice changer:  

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There you have it: How to speak like a Minion. Whether it be to mess around with your friends on Discord, during your live streams, or to get hilarious reactions during gaming sessions, you can bring these yellow characters to life with our free voice changer every time. Download Voicemod, get experimental with your voice, and have a blast. Tank yu and poopaye!!

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