How to Sound Like The Watcher

A big haunted house, creepy (possibly blood-sucking) neighbors, menacing letters, and an anonymous stalker. The Watcher seems to have all the key ingredients that make a good horror series. The only thing that could make this new Netflix show more terrifying? The fact that it’s based on a true story. 


What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than with a new horror series–aside from playing scary PC games with our new Halloween AI voice changer, of course. Speaking of which, we’re going to show you how you can sound like the sinister stalker in The Watcher using our real-time voice changer. Get ready to transform your voice to terrify your friends online in group chats, game lobbies, or wherever you connect.

What’s The Watcher About?   

First things first: What is this new series about? For those who haven’t been following along on Netflix, The Watcher is a horror series about a family that moves from New York City into their dream house in the suburbs only to be tormented by mysterious letters from an anonymous stalker. 


That, mixed with their bizarre neighbors who don’t exactly give them the warmest of welcomes, makes for a thrilling plot in which the family must find out who is the person sending them these letters, who signs each one as The Watcher.

How to Speak Like The Watcher 

If you’ve already seen the series or even just watched the trailer above, you already know about the creepy voice we’re talking about. With Voicemod’s selection of horror voices, you can do your own impersonation of this character. Here’s a bit of inspiration on how to use our different scary voices to impersonate The Watcher: 

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Trigger Scary Voices and Sounds in Real Time! 

The fun doesn’t end with this horror voice. Whether you try The Watcher’s voice, our new Creepy Doll AI voice, or any other spooky Halloween voices we have in Voicemod, you can pair your voice with some creepy sound clips to give a good scare. Head over to Tuna, our sound clip library, and search through thousands of sounds related to Halloween, horror movies, and more. Transform into your favorite monster or villain with the ultimate creepy voice changer and soundboard.

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