How to Sound Like League of Legends Champions

Three lanes, five roles, 160+ champions, and more than a little salt… You already know the MOBA we’re talking about. In case you couldn’t guess, we at Voicemod are LoL addicts. When Riot Games released League of Legends in 2009, it’s safe to say nobody expected that this game would become such a phenomenon. But with 180 million League of Legends players today, it comes as no surprise that LoL is one of the most played games worldwide. And this game only really became more mainstream after the release of Riot Games’ Arcane series. But that’s not the only reason League of Legends has reached the level it’s at today. 


Before we show you how you can imitate different LoL champion voices, let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind this game’s massive success.

Why is League of Legends so popular? 

League of Legends operates on a free-to-play model, which made the game more accessible from day one. That being said, a game can be free-to-play and still fall short of having the millions of players that LoL has. One of the reasons League of Legends is such a hit is because of its regular content updates. With 160+ epic champions and counting, LoL keeps things interesting for its players with new updates to its champions and skins. It also releases patches every two to three weeks to try to keep all parts of the game balanced. 


Speaking of champions, quick side note: The newest LoL champion, Nilah, is coming any day now! Here’s a first look:




Another reason League of Legends dominates the gaming arena is the competitiveness of the game. This team-based game is all about strategy and outsmarting the other team to break their Nexus. So it’s only natural that people’s competitive sides start coming out. We all know that there’s a fine line between competitiveness and toxicity–something LoL has definitely struggled with. But hey in all fairness, it hasn’t stopped millions of people from coming back for more! Another contributing factor to League of Legends’ popularity is that it’s a multiplayer game. So not only is it super easy to play with your friends, but it’s also really easy to socialize and make new friends. 


We could go on and on about what makes League of Legends so epic. But we think you get the picture. Now we’re going to show you how to sound like two League of Legends champions. And those champions are 🥁🥁🥁 Aurelion Sol and Zed!

How to sound like Aurelion Sol and Zed 

Allow us to introduce our two champions: First up, we’ve got Aurelion Sol, also known as “The Star Forger.” This character is one of the oldest celestial dragons in existence and has created countless stars and constellations. And then of course, there’s Zed, “The Master of Shadows” and the leader of the Order of Shadow. As one of LoL’s oldest and most iconic champions, Zed is a fantastic champion to play if you’re looking for an assassin. 


Check out this video below to learn how to sound like Aurelion Sol and Zed:



Try our voice changer with LoL voice lines 

Now that you know how to speak like Aurelion Sol and Zed in your voice chats, it’s time to throw in a little voice acting and some iconic voice lines from these champions. If you want to channel your inner celestial dragon, try these Aurelion Sol voice lines:


“They call me a comet. They call me a dragon. They have no words for my true form.”


“Hope. Wonder. Insignificance. Imagine what they’ll feel when I complete the stars.”


“I would burn the cosmos to catch Targon in the flames.”


Feeling more like an assassin today? Then pair our real-time voice changer with these Zed voice lines during your next voice chat:  


“The last sound they hear is my blade, The unseen blade is the deadliest.”


“I have braved the shadows and found the truth, without a sound I move.”


“Because no technique is forbidden, as we cut the last breath from them.”


Whether it be during games with some of your more chill 5-man premades, in between games to fill awkward silences, or in Discord group chats with friends, use our real-time voice changer to fully immerse yourself into your LoL champions. Download Voicemod if you haven’t already and get ready for some epic roleplaying. 

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