How to Send Sound Clips on Discord

Looking to spice up your Discord chats? A hilarious sound meme should do the trick! 


If there’s one thing we know for sure at Voicemod, it’s that a sound is worth 1,000 words. Just like emojis or memes, sound clips let you say things or express yourself in ways that words just sometimes can’t. And that’s why we created the Voicemod Tuna Bot for Discord


Our Discord bot lets you trigger hilarious sounds directly on Discord from our growing library of sound clips by just typing some simple commands. Keep reading if you want to know how to find sound clips online and how to easily share them in all your Discord chats. 

How to Find Sound Clips Online

How to Send Sound Clips on Discord



First things first: How do you find meme-worthy sound clips online? If you haven’t already heard of Voicemod’s Tuna sound clip library, you’re in for a real treat. Tuna is our online library of sounds and sound clips created by our very own community of Voicemod users. With Tuna, you have access to literally thousands of sound clips that are created and uploaded by our own community on a daily basis. 


You’ll find different categories of sounds, like memes, music, games, movies, anime, sports, you name it! And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not upload it yourself? Share your own sound clips with our growing community by uploading them to Tuna. 


This is the ideal sound clip hub if you’re looking for the right sound to play in your group chats or to create your own soundboards. Just browse through the different sounds and click the Voicemod icon on the sound to send it directly to Voicemod! 


💡Hot tip: If you’re a Voicemod Pro user, you can upload as many sounds to Voicemod as you want. If you’re a free user, consider upgrading to Pro in the app so that you can create your own soundboards! 


Learn more about how to use Voicemod’s soundboards with Discord.

How to Share Sounds on Discord: Voicemod Tuna Bot

How to Send Sound Clips on Discord


So, you know where to find the best sound clips online. Now, how can you easily share them with your friends on Discord? With the Voicemod Tuna Bot, of course! Here’s how to get our Tuna Bot up and running on your Discord server:


  1. Head over to Tuna.
  2. Select the icon that says “Add to Discord.”
  3. Select the server you want to add the bot to.
  4. The bot will then ask for some permissions and authorizations in order to work correctly.
  5. That’s it! Be sure to use the /help command to learn about the different Tuna Bot commands so that you can start playing sound clips with your friends and group chats.

Share Sound Memes on Discord With the Tuna Bot! 

There you have it: How to find sound clips online and how to easily share them in all your Discord chats. Create meme-worthy moments with user-generated sound clips from Tuna. With thousands of sounds to choose from–and counting–there’s no limit to what you can do with our Tuna Bot. Fair warning: your group chats will never be the same after using this bot.

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