How to Network as a Content Creator

Ever heard of TwitchCon? If you have, then you know our team had the best time when we went there the other week. If you haven’t, prepare to be super jealous that we went 😎 


A lucky bunch at Voicemod recently went to TwitchCon 2022 in Amsterdam. We met so many amazing content creators and livestreamers and had so much fun engaging with a community that we normally only get to interact with online. Going off of that, we started thinking while we were there about what are the best ways to network as a content creator? After all, so much of their time is spent online, which introduces a whole new challenge to building connections and creating professional relationships with people. But being a content creator doesn’t mean you’re riding solo all the time–or at least you don’t have to be. 


If you want to make it big as a content creator or live streamer, you’re going to have to reach out to other creators who do what you do, or what you want to do. That’s why we thought we’d offer some of our tips and tricks on how to build relationships with other content creators.

1. Reach out

Look into who’s already made it big doing what you’re doing and get in touch. People aren’t going to know you’re interested in connecting if you don’t reach out and put yourself on their radar. 


Reaching out to people is the biggest part of how to network for content creators, whether you’re starting a gaming YouTube channel or are trying your hand at TikTok


Don’t neglect others who are just starting off, or who are at the same stage as you. Getting your names out there together can be very rewarding and helps form a relationship that could last years if you both have the right mindset. When you work together, you’ll benefit from each other’s knowledge and online reach while meeting new people. 


How to reach out to others: 

Only reach out to people you’re genuinely interested in working with. Putting your viewers through an awkward or, even worse, fake interaction is not worth the free clout, we promise. It will be painfully obvious to your viewers and neither one of you will end up producing quality content. 


When reaching out to other content creators or live streamers, make it known you like their content first. Likewise, if there’s someone who really inspires you or who you really relate to, let them know. 


Watch their content regularly and get to know what they do over time. Comment on their videos or streams, and make your comments something useful—something that will stand out against other people’s choices of emojis to voice their opinions. 


You can also take to social media so more people can see what you’re saying, even after the livestream has ended. Twitter is very popular among content creators, so make the most of it and tweet to your heart’s content.

2. Be patient

If you’re reaching out to well-known content creators, be prepared to put in the time and effort to get noticed yourself. That said, don’t be pushy—if it’s meant to be, it will be. Work your way up to those big collaborations and they’ll be worthwhile.

3. Collaborate 

Speaking of which, get out there and collaborate with like-minded content creators or live streamers to create something of value for both your online communities. 


Be genuine when you’re collaborating with someone else and make sure you get to know each other first before you turn your relationship into a business deal. Knowing how you both work is key to creating great content.

4. Attend events

We went to TwitchCon and had an absolute blast! Make networking easy for yourself and attend events where everyone is there for the same reason: to meet people. 


TwitchCon has lots to offer: Panels, esports tournaments, live music, and art booths, all while showcasing its new features and tools. There’s something for all types of content creators out there, and it’s easy to find like-minded creatives at live events like these. 


Being present for your online community to come and meet you at events like this also says you’re very passionate about what you’re doing, and you all get to connect over your shared interests in person together. 


Before you go to an event like TwitchCon, think about what you want to get out of it and see what—and more importantly, who—is going to be there. 


You can attend events as a creator or as a fan, so if you want to get a taste of the action without being too center-stage, try attending as a fan first to get a feel for what people are doing there.

5. Network locally

There could be a number of reasons you can’t make it to these events–timing, location, expense, all valid reasons. So, keep your ear to the ground and see who else is a content creator in your city and wants to grow their channel, and then reach out. Although it may be on a much smaller scale, you’re creating a local networking event that helps you and other creatives out there.

6. Remember: Networking is a balancing act

When you’re reaching out to different content creators in the hope of growing your channel, don’t put too much on your plate and end up not creating content of the quality your viewers are used to. 


You don’t need to try to network with everyone all at once. It’s the same thing you should be thinking about for your content: always go for quality over quantity.


Balancing your networking and content creation is incredibly important. You need to keep up with both for it to be rewarding. 

7. Stay loyal

Don’t alienate your current subscribers by introducing other content creators to your channel who they may not have an interest in because their content is so different than yours. Your viewers are loyal to you, so be sure to return the favor. 


It’ll be super obvious that you’re chasing numbers if your collaborations don’t make sense. Those growing statistics will come with time and effort, and lasting success doesn’t come overnight. If you put in the time and energy to creating your Twitch brand, don’t just abandon it. 


Appealing to the masses is an impossible task, so prioritize the online community that has gotten you to where you are already. Ask them who else’s channel they like tuning into regularly. Asking for your viewers’ recommendations is a sure-fire way to find out what works and what doesn’t.

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