How To Do a Movie Trailer Voice [VIDEO]

“Who’s the guy that does the movie trailers?” Chances are, this question has popped into your mind on more than one occasion. With such a one-of-a-kind voice, everyone knows exactly who you’re talking about when mention the “movie trailer voice.” But what some may not know is that there are many voice actors behind the trailers. Take a look at some of the legendary mentions:



First up we have Don LaFontaine, possibly the most iconic voice actor ever, with more than 5,000 movie trailers under his belt. Unsure which trailers are his? Here’s a hint: “In a world…” Yup, pretty much any movie trailer that starts with this phrase is Don LaFontaine’s doing. And then you have Red Williams, commonly referred to as “The Man with the Golden Voice.” Williams actually used his gifted voice to go from homelessness to being one of the most famous announcers, radio personalities, and voice-over artists in the game. Last but certainly not least, we have Redd Pepper, the British Voice Actor who has voiced over 100 movie trailers. You’ve heard of Jurassic Park and Men in Black, right? Then chances are you’ve heard the unusually deep voice that has put Redd Pepper on the map. 

Become the new “movie trailer guy”



For us mere mortals, mimicking the voices of these icons might seem like a far-fetched dream. You’re either born with a golden voice or you’re not, right? Right. Unless… you use Voicemod’s new Custom Pitch voice effect, which now sports a revamped pitch-shifting algorithm for more detailed audio quality. But before you immediately resort to using this awesome feature for your digital content, there’s one key ingredient you need to get that blockbuster effect: Voice acting. 



Anyone can use Voicemod’s Custom Pitch to get the voice they want. But if you’re looking for a true competitive edge from all the other creators out there, a little voice acting can go a long way. To show you just how much a difference voice acting can make, we’ve recreated this video featuring Redd Pepper, using Voicemod’s voice effects and soundboards. Check it out 👇

Step 1: Throw in some voice acting

Maybe you’re completely serious about becoming the next golden voice. Or maybe you’re just looking to make your streaming or video content more entertaining. Whatever your end goal may be, voice acting can take your content to entirely new levels. Practice makes perfect, so take a look at how you can harness the power of voice acting to explore your voice’s full potential:




The voice is a super powerful tool with lots of elements that can help you embody different characters and emotions. Once you’ve got the clarity and breath control down, you can play around with these different vocal elements: Pitch, pause, tone, volume, accent, emphasis, and intonation. Even just slight adjustments to these can completely transform how you sound. Try emphasizing one word in a phrase and then another to hear the difference. Experiment with different tones and intonation until you get it just right. 

Step 2: Fire Up Voicemod’s Custom Pitch 

Once you know your voice’s capabilities inside and out, it’s time to take it to your audience. Any seasoned entertainer knows that a good warmup is key before going out in front of a crowd. Some neck stretches, tongue twisters, lip trills, and breathing exercises should do the trick. When you’re finally ready to stream or record, the only thing left to do is to use our app’s Custom Pitch, which you can find in the Voicebox section of our app–did we mention it’s free? Get creative and get ready to see just how totally epic your voice can be. Learn more about our Custom Pitch and how you can use it to enhance your voice and feel more confident.



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