How to Do a Male AI Voice in Real Time

You already know that we at Voicemod are big fans of limitless audio expression–the ability to transform your voice into whoever, or whatever, you want to be when interacting with others online. Think about it: We put so much time and effort into how we look online. There are the characters we choose in our favorite games, face filters on social media apps, and Vtubers who embody a range of digital personas. With all that goes into how we look online, it’s only natural that how we sound online when we’re communicating is just as important.


That’s why we want to empower everyone to explore, play with, and choose their own sonic identity.


‼️Cue our male AI voice changer‼️


That’s right! We recently released a new male AI voice filter, in addition to all our other AI voices, to give you the most realistic sounding voice when playing, streaming, or socializing online.


Why Use a Male AI Voice?

The better question is, why not? Whether you identify as male and you want to transform your voice with a girl voice changer or you identify as female and want to transform your voice to male, there are many people who want to switch genders when online. Maybe you want to avoid harassment while gaming. Or perhaps you want to protect your real-life identity and remain anonymous. Or maybe you just want to mess around with your friends using a totally new voice.


Whatever your reason may be, you can use our AI male voice in real time to sound exactly how you want.

How to Make an AI Male Voice

Now that we’ve got your attention, here’s how you can get your very own male AI voice changer in minutes using Voicemod’s cutting-edge AI technology:


  1. Download Voicemod for free if you haven’t already. Install it on your PC and go through the easy configuration steps.
  2. Once you have Voicemod open on your PC and the audio settings are good to go, enable “voice changer” and “hear myself” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Head into the Voicebox feature. As a free Voicemod user, you’ll be able to use one AI voice every day, which will automatically rotate. Select the Bob voice filter to start using a male AI voice. To enjoy unlimited access to all our voices, upgrade to Voicemod Pro directly from the app!


For more tips on how to get the most out of this new voice-changing technology, check out the ultimate guide to our AI voices.

Be the Man–in Real Time, With AI Voices

There you have it: How to use an AI male voice changer in real time. Whether it be to switch genders online and sound more you, to mask your real-life identity for a bit of pseudonymity, or just to mess around with your friends on Discord, our male AI voice gives you full control over your sound. So what are you waiting for? Download Voicemod for free and start exploring our new AI technology!

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