How to Add Voice Effects on TikTok

You see that funny video on TikTok that has caught on and is now part of conversations or the hilarious, catchy dance you want to emulate. All of these videos are part of something bigger and it’s all on TikTok.


Well, now, guess what? On November 1, 2022, TikTok released something huge, something revolutionary! You can now add a voice changer to your videos! Back in February 2022, TikTok released a “Chipmunk” voice, but it was pretty elementary. Not much you can do about it. But this fall, TikTok released something even better.


The content creation app is as popular as ever, especially with Gen Zers, who have become literal millionaires overnight with their videos that emphasize comedy, dancing, or just plain random stuff. In fact, TikTok videos have become the hype that Instagram and other social media apps have been adapting themselves to include a video feature in order to create competition with TikTok.


With this new-fangled effect, TikTok will be even more popular. In fact, TikTokers have already started to come out with their new “voices” in the new content they’re creating. But what are these new voices about?

The new voice effects on TikTok


How to Add Voice Effects on TikTok

TikTok started out with two voices and quickly ramped up to a whopping seventeen voices. But a few weeks later, they added the Trickster voice changer where you can sound like a cartoon. And given the popularity of having the ability to change voices, TikTok better roll some more fast! The first two voices that were made public were Jessie and Deep. Jessie raises your voice to sound more feminine and Deep does the opposite, making your voice sound more masculine.

After the rapid popularity of those two voices, TikTok decided to add more to their app, for a total of seventeen voice effects:












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They finally added the cartoon-sounding voice changer called Trickster, which has catapulted to popularity among TikTok stars. They have been using this Trickster voice changer to play amazingly funny pranks on pets, significant others, and friends.

How do you add the voice effects on TikTok?

But how do you add voice effects on TikTok? The answer is super easy. You may think that the voice changer is done before filming or during the filming, but in fact it’s the total opposite. After you finish filming your content, you’ll see an option that states Audio Editing. That’s the button you press in order to get the voice effects on TikTok.


Once you press that button, voila! It’s all set! You can view your video with the awesome voice effect, see if you like it, and you can publish it. It really is that easy!

Why are the TikTok voice effects not showing?

You’re probably asking yourself, why don’t I have voice effects on TikTok? There could be two reasons for this situation. One, you haven’t updated the app on your smartphone. 


Two, unfortunately this could be something out of your control. If you have already updated the app and the TikTok voice effects are still not showing up, it probably means that it has not been rolled out to your particular region or country. But don’t fear. You’ll get the voice effects on TikTok in no time, so you can finally try out the really cool Echo voice effect.


The Echo voice effect on TikTok has been one of the most popular voice effects on TikTok. It basically makes your voice echo when you speak, which can be so cool when doing videos with your friends.

Voicemod and TikTok Live Stream

Voicemod can be used with TikTok too! You’ll have access to so many voice effects that you’ll be able to have a lot of fun with friends with different and funny voices. If you download TikTok onto your PC or computer, you can use Voicemod very easily and add a voice effect to your TikTok Live Stream! Just go into your audio settings and click Microphone Voicemod Virtual Audio Device and bam, that’s it! It’s really that easy.


Using voice effects on TikTok Live Stream with the help of Voicemod and its AI generator will enable you to sound like your favorite character from a movie or like Kratos in God of War: Ragnarok. It’ll make for some entertaining live streams!

Create your voice!

Content creation is new, but with the explosion of creators on TikTok and Instagram, it’s super popular and exciting to get into. You can make money doing the silliest things, even changing your voice to whatever you’d like. Using the new voice effects on TikTok will forever change the dynamics on TikTok and other content creation platforms. It may even increase that follower count!


Using Voicemod can make your voice sound to whatever you’d like during the TikTok Live Streams. Whether you want to change your voice to sound like a Top Gun pilot, Vecna, or even a famous celebrity, Voicemod is here to help


Download Voicemod, get Voicemod Pro to access special features like Voicelab, make sure you download TikTok on your PC so you can start playing around with cool voice effects on TikTok Live Stream!

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